Biodegrabable Shrink Film



El Dorado Hills, CA (August 28, 2008) – Today ClearBags™ announced the addition of Biodegradable Shrink Flim to their award winning line of earth friendly products. Biodegradable Shrink Film is a biodegradable compostable and sustainable alternative to traditional shrink film.

“The introduction of Biodegradable Shrink Film continues to solidify our position as a leader in Crystal Clear earth friendly packaging solutions” stated Craig Britland, VP Sales & Marketing.

ClearBags Biodegradable Shrink Film uses Earthfirst® PLA film from Ingeo™ that is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and DIN Certco to US and European standards. For more information visit us at:|bioshrink

Features include: 80 gauge; 6-16” in diameter, up to 2000’ per roll Runs on Portable and Automatic Machinery Can be used for Square Box and Tablet Overwrap Low Sealing Temperatures Good Clarity and Gloss Good Hot Slip Made in the USA

ClearBags delivers professional quality Crystal Clear packaging for artistic professionals and merchandisers that want their creations to Be Seen!