Featured Customer: Paper Zone

Paper Zone Customer Testimonial


Paper Zone is a retail store filled with fun, interesting, unique paper products and accessories with a selection that you simply can’t find anywhere else. It is a discovery zone where customers can come to find exactly what they need, discover things that they didn’t know existed, and leave feeling that they’ve found a new favorite place to shop. With over 440 different types of paper, 175 crafting tools, 130 types of adhesive and 75 styles of boxes for packing and shipping, Paper Zone will help you find everything you need for your card-making, crafting or business needs.

Paper Zone has been using Crystal Clear Bags™ for many years to promote and protect their products. Recently they shared their experiences with ClearBags™.
“At Paper Zone, we find a lot of uses for Crystal Clear Bags. We are constantly sending out sample boards to our stores to display as customer inspiration to make cards, invites and paper craft ideas. The only solution to protect these samples and keep them intact for customers to see for years to come is Crystal Clear Bags. These bags allow us to beautifully showcase our samples while keeping them untouched and viewable through the Crystal Clear packaging.”
“Our customers love to use ClearBags™ as a way to showcase their handmade cards, stationery and art. At ClearBags we can always find the perfect bag for every project.”

– Lauren Langhans
Marketing Manager, Paper Zone

Paper Zone uses a number of Crystal Clear Bags in various sizes including the 5×7″ B7B1 to help promote and protect their products. In addition, Paper Zone, enjoys the great presentation that Crystal Clear Boxes™ provide for cards such as the 5×7″ FB4.

Whether you are a large retail chain, or a sole proprietor, ClearBags has the packaging that will help you promote, protect, and preserve your greatest endeavors.


Paper Zone has seven Washington locations, three Oregon locations, and an online store at: www.PaperZone.com