Featured Customer: Structural Graphics

Structural Graphics Customer Testimonial

If a print ad pops out at you from a page, unfolds magically before your eyes, lights up, sings a song or emits a scent, chances are it was created by Structural Graphics. Structural Graphics is the nation’s leading resource for high-impact print marketing solutions. With over 30 years of experience, they create and produce highly interactive direct mail, collateral, magazine inserts, P.O.P. displays, sales aids and promotional packaging pieces.

Structural Graphics has been using Crystal Clear Bags™ for many years to increase the “pop” and response rate for direct mail campaigns. The Structural Graphics Vice-President of Marketing recently shared his experiences with ClearBags™.

“To protect printed artwork while showcasing it, you would be hard pressed to find a better solution than ClearBags products. That is why we have been offering Crystal Clear Bags to our clients for years. ClearBags are a terrific product backed by superior customer service.”


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