Featured Customer: Lewis Kemper



Lewis Kemper

Lewis Kemper, acclaimed photographer, has been capturing the natural beauty of North America and it’s park lands for over 30 years. His work has been exhibited and published in magazines, books, and calendars worldwide. He is also a Canon “Explorer of Light”, a program featuring 70 of the top photographers in the United States.

Lewis has been using Crystal Clear Bags® for many years to promote and protect his work. Lewis recently shared his experiences with ClearBags®:

“I am very meticulous when creating my fine prints. When I present my work nothing can stand in the way of showing the quality of the printed piece. That is why I use Crystal Clear Bags in my presentations and for the delivery of my work.” 

― Lewis Kemper

Whether you are a professional like Lewis Kemper, or the family photographer, Crystal Clear packaging helps you promote, protect, and preserve your creation.

The Crystal Clear Bags Lewis uses:

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