Featured Customer: Nunu Chocolates



Nunu Chocolates

Nunu Chocolates is based in Brooklyn, NY and they ship to customers and retail stores all over the country. Again, this requires good durable packaging that not only protects their chocolates but also still looks great after the jet lag. They have been featured in various publications as well as being nominated for many awards.

NuNu recently upgraded to Crystal Clear Boxes® for their chocolate packaging. They recently shared their experiences with ClearBags®:

Chocolate shouldn’t ever hide. At Nunu Chocolates, we have been using Clearbags’ Crystal Clear Boxes® to do some showing off. Our packaging design allows for customers to see first hand our truffles and caramels. It is a huge asset in sales and Clearbags has been an integral part of our ‘look’. We make a variety of flavors including our salt caramels, absinthe truffles, earl grey ganache, and chocolate covered graham crackers. At our shop we host chocolate and wine pairings and kids parties with chocolate fingerpainting. We’re constantly stocking our shelves with new flavors (like a blueberry ale truffle or chocolate covered bacon). Many of these new ideas require creative packaging and it’s always made easy with Clearbags. ClearBags has been wonderful giving professional, informative, and prompt help. We’re very happy to know that there’s always a good solution for any chocolate emergency.” – Nunu Chocolates

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