Featured Customer: Jim Jordan


Photographer, Jim Jordan

Born in sunny, Southern California Jim Jordan was inspired to create from a very young age. He traveled abroad as a hair/makeup artist, working with famous actors and actresses for the most prestigious fashion magazines and photographers. Jim picked up the camera and created a style of his own. He now travels the world shooting pictures for advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and celebrities. His work can be seen in such magazines as Interview, Elle, Marie Claire, J Crew and Vogue.

Jim lives and works bi-coastal in New York and Los Angeles, but the majority of his time is spent in exotic locations around the globe. He has photographed such celebrities as Charlize Theron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, and Robert Redford to name a few. His client list contains such companies as BMW, Warner Brothers, and American Express.
Jim is a down-to-earth low maintenance free spirit who thoroughly loves his work. He recently shared his experiences with ClearBags®:

ClearBags customer service is amazing, fast, friendly, and reliable. Crystal Clear Bags are affordable and cost effective! ClearBags products are superb and take my presentation to a whole new level. ClearBags protect my promotional material against the rigors of shipping and handling. I stand behind ClearBags products and strongly recommend them.” ― Jim Jordan

The Crystal Clear Bags® Jim uses:

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