Thank You! Put your cards in our FB’S

ClearBags helps you organize and package your cards with Crystal Clear Boxes!  
ClearBags Greeting Card Boxes www.clearbags.comClearBags Greeting Card Boxes
ClearBags Greeting Card Boxes

ClearBags Greeting Card Boxes


  1. • Crystal Clear optical clarity
  2. • Anti-scratch coating means they stay clear longer than the competition
  3. • ClearBags™ Soft Fold™ Technology makes assembly a snap
  4. • Positive interlocking tabs provide a secure closure mechanism
  5. • High impact resistant formulation means they won’t crack or become brittle
  6. • Anti-static plastic reduces static charge build-up
  7. • Clear stickers provide a theft proof closure
  8. • Stores and ships flat to save on shipping and storage costs
  9. • Lead & phthalate-free
  10. • Integrated hanger styles available
  11. • Photo quality custom printing available
  12. • Available in high density PVC or PET
  13. • PVC not approved for direct food contact
  14. A FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Don’t you want your product to BE SEEN?

3 Replies to “Thank You! Put your cards in our FB’S”

  1. These are the greatest thing since sliced bread! They are the best way to display my cards and give them that "professional" look! Last year I made boxed card sets for "Harvest for Hunger" and made over $400 for the charity and having my cards showcased in these wonderful clear boxes really helped! The people could see what they were buying and an added ribbon what all that was needed to really finish the packaging!! Thanks!

  2. I've used these boxes for my cards also and they are wonderful. I can have two different kinds of cards and show one on the front and one on the back plus have the envelopes in between. Great product.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about your blog! I've added you to my RSS reading list so I can keep up. 🙂

    PS> Thanks also for having a blog in addition to facebook. I'm not a fan of facebook and this gives me a way to also keep up with your updates. 🙂

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