Bead Zip

Whether you are having a bead party or you sell your beads to stores, ClearBags zip bags make packaging easier.
Here we used a ZC22 but showed a longer option of ZC23. There are a variety of sizes for you to choose from to cover large beads and tiny beads.
ClearBags ZC22 and ZC23
ClearBags ZC22 and ZC23 www.clearbags.comClearBags ZC22
A simple way to secure your label is a staple and double stick tap.
ClearBags ZC22
If you have more beads then you can think of use White Block Zips. With the white block already printed on you can organize and label your beads. Quick tip is to put on the item number or sku for quick ordering when you run out.
ClearBags 2WE1H2