Summer 2011 Newsletter – Eco-friendly Packaging Bags

Looking for a green alternative?

Our Eco Clear Bags are certified compostable by The Biodegradable Products Institute and the United States Composting Council.

We’ve broadened our line of Eco Bags to include our most popular styles: Flap Seal Bags, Protective Closure Bags, Hanging Bags and No Flap Bags.

It also pleases us to announce the arrival of new 1.6 Mil Eco Clear Bags. You’ll be impressed by the clarity & strength of these new compostable bags. See our website for over 20 new sizes.

Eco Food Safe Bags

We have also added Food Safe Eco Clear Flat Bottom Gusset Bags in 4 sizes and Heat Seal Flat bags in 2 sizes. Our 1.6 Mil Eco Clear Flap Seal, Protective Closure and No Flap Bags have many applications and are food safe.

USPS Approved Eco Bags

Exciting News!!! These new 1.6 mil Eco Clear Bags were recently approved by the USPS for mailing, and we have several mailing sizes now in stock. We encourage you to try these new bags for a great fit with added strength and clarity. Ask for a sample!

SmartSleeves by ClearBags

Our team is very excited to announce a new retail product designed to protect your cell phone. The US Surf Open in Huntington Beach proved to be a great place to unveil this protective phone sleeve. Go to the SmartSleeves Website to learn more.

Packaging Tip

Storing ClearBags Products

Q: Do your stored bags lose quality?
A: We occasionally hear about dents, scratches, bent corners, and moisture damage occurring in storage. Where possible, try to store your product packaged as it was shipped to you. We use heavy paper between layers, rigid, closable boxes to protect edges and reduce exposure to elements. To avoid scratching or denting, we suggest that you not set any items on top of your bags except flat dividers. Be sure to avoid extreme moisture, heat or cold as they can cause the bags to become warped or brittle. Make sure bags lie flat and are not pushed against walls or shelves, which could crinkle the edges. Call us if you have storage questions.