The 2012 Spring Newsletter Is Filled with Packaging Information

Our 2012 Spring Newsletter Is Now Available!

Make sure you’re signed up to receive the latest updates and newsletters. Our 2012 Spring Newsletter celebrates our 20th Anniversary. Loaded full of great information and tips, we also have some of our best discounts ever. Here’s a little peek:
ClearBags Celebrates 20 Years
20 Years ago, ClearBags began with 3 employees selling posters  out of a small corner in another company’s warehouse. With lots of hard work  this business quickly grew and, today, ClearBags employs over 100 employees.  Benny Wilkins, owner and founder of ClearBags, describes his greatest enjoyment  over the last 20 years as “developing a friendly company culture with high  standards in a fun and positive workplace.”
Since the beginning, ClearBags has focused on 3 key strategies:
1. Provide the highest quality packaging products
2. Have  industry best prices
3. Establish excellent customer service
Due to this clear focus, ClearBags now has almost 100,000  customers each year. “Our success” says Benny “came from paying attention and  responding to the feedback and needs of our customers.” Many of the 4,000  styles and sizes that ClearBags now offers came from customer requests.
We at ClearBags appreciate our customer’s loyalty over the past  20 years and look forward to a bright and successful future together. We are  celebrating our 20 Years with a Special Discount off  some of our most popular products.

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