Fall 2012 Newsletter – Over 2,000 Styles and Sizes of Bags

ClearBags stocks over 2,000 Styles and Sizes of Bags

 What sets ClearBags apart is the emphasis we put on stocking products. We stock over 2,000 styles and sizes of bags and over 500 boxes – more than anyone else. Our goal is to always have what you need when you need it. We can usually ship same day. And if we don’t have it for some reason, we can usually get it within 2 weeks.

 From art, photo and stationery bags to direct mail, promotional, food and general packaging, we have many packaging options.

 Our most popular bags make up the bulk of our stocked product:

  • Crystal Clear Flap Seal Bags – Adhesive on the flap allows you to get the perfect fit
  • Crystal Clear Protective Closure Bags – Adhesive on the bag protects your product
  • Crystal Clear Zip Bags – By far, the clearest and most durable zip bags on the market
  • Crystal Clear Hanging Bags – Ideal for retail with several hang hole options
  • Food Bags – High quality FDA Approved Bags for packaging food products
  • Poly Bags – Low cost, high quality PE bag for general packaging

We also stock several specialty bags.

Here are some examples:

  • Album Sleeves – Specially designed to protect and display vintage vinyl records
  • Newspaper Bags – Protective bags for newspaper delivery
  • Doorknob Bags – Crystal Clear hanging bags that show off your promotion
  • Comic Book Bags – Protect and preserve comic book collections
  • Poster Sleeves – Protects rolled posters and banners
  • Static Shielding Bags – Designed to protect electronic devices and equipment
  • Micro-Perforated Bread Bags – Ideal for crusty and artisan breads
  • Clear Mailers – USPS Approved mailers that show off your materials