True Wholesale Pricing for Packaging

We understand that pricing is important to you – but not at the expense of quality. We offer unmatched wholesale pricing for quality products and service. Here are a few things that set us apart in the packaging industry:

  1. We are a wholesale company that offers competitive wholesale pricing on small quantities.  Typically, wholesale packaging companies offer competitive pricing; however, their minimums often start at 1,000 pieces. ClearBags sells in quantities of 100, while still giving you competitive wholesale pricing.
  2. We want to see you grow.  While initially you may need small volumes, as your business grows your volumes will increase. Our 100-piece packs are sold at industry best pricing. As your volumes grow, our pricing becomes much more aggressive.
  3. Large volume orders are no problem.  We maintain large inventories of over 2,500 styles and sizes in our warehouses at all times. This allows you to not only receive your orders quickly, but also allows you to order very large quantities when you need them.
  4. Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help save you money.  When you call to place your order, please ask your CSR about pricing breaks. Often your order quantities will be close to the next price break, and it can benefit you if you are able to order just a little more.
  5. Our minimum order requirements are small.  Most wholesale companies have large minimum orders. ClearBags’ minimum order is only $40, which is relatively easy to achieve. Even on orders less than $40, you are able to take advantage wholesale pricing with a small handling fee.
  6. Our retail website,, is a good option for smaller orders.  If you find that you are not meeting the $40 minimum, our retail site, offers retail pricing with no minimum quantity requirements, no handling fees, and flat-rate shipping, regardless of the size of your order.
Update (01/2015): ClearBags has since lowered our minimum order amount to $25. Orders under $25 have a small $4 handling fee.

Update (10/2015): ClearBags has eliminated the minimum order fee for all of our customers. Our website will no longer have a handling fee. As of the end of 2015, we’ve closed down and have moved our retail packs to