Sizing Up Your Packaging – Tools to Help You

Sizing Up Your Packaging

Tools to Help You Pick the Right Size

Choosing the right size packaging for your product can be difficult. A standard 5″ x 7″ card, for example, cannot be packaged in a 5″ x 7″ bag. Additional packaging space is needed, but calculating how much isn’t always obvious. The thickness of a product adds size that needs to be accounted for, and multi-dimensional products can be particularly challenging. There are lots of variables, but ClearBags can help. To make sizing easier, we have developed several tools to help you determine your best packaging solution.

  • Shop By Size  – this new navigation allows you to browse our products based upon the size of the piece you’re trying to package. It is ideal for flats, such as Mailers, Photos/Art and Stationery.
  • Sizing Tool  – this interactive tool lets you input your product measurements to receive the best packaging options.
  • Updated Reference Table  (online and in our catalog) – designed for the Photo/Art & Stationery Industries, this reference table allows you to quickly locate the size of your product and easily see the specific packaging options we recommend.
  • Manual Calculations  – We teach you on our website to manually determine which size packaging will work best for your products.
  • Customer Service Reps  – If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please call one of our trained Customer Service Representatives for help.
  • Custom Designed Packaging  – If we don’t have an option for you on hand, we’ll gladly help you with a custom product to specifically meet your needs.
We care about getting you the right size packaging. Not only does it improve the display of your products, it reduces waste for a cleaner environment. We stock so many sizes and styles – no one carries more. Let us help you find exactly what you need to help your product stand out from crowd.