Featured Customer: Black Sand Publishing – Professional Print Packaging

Black Sand Publishing is a fine arts publishing company with deep roots in the business of fine art. For over 15 years, their creative management team has worked in the art industry in sales and production. They have partnered with a leading Giclée printing company, Chromaco, to establish a fresh, contemporary art publishing brand, which is being used by one of Hawaii’s finest surf artists, Heather Brown.

Based in Hawaii, Black Sand Publishing has a worldwide reach to distribute prints and license products. Combining this with its creative art management, they are becoming a major force in national and international art publishing channels.

We assist Black Sand Publishing in the archival protection and enhancement of their art by providing our Crystal Clear Bags®, Pre-cut Mats, and Backing Board.

Visit Black Sand Publishing’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BlackSandPublishing