Stand Up Zipper Pouches: Taking the Packaging World by Storm

It’s not often that a type of packaging gets people excited. But that’s what’s been happening with our Stand Up Zipper Pouches.

These bags are quickly becoming the top way to package many different types of products, including items like:
  • Coffee and Treats
  • Nuts/Bulk Food
  • Toys, Detergents, and More
These Stand Up Zipper Pouches serve as a prime example of why a bag is not just a bag, and why there are considerations that you need to make with your packaging that can make a big difference in retail settings.


These types of pouches have a variety of benefits that make them such an ideal choice for the modern day business. Just a small sample of these benefits include:
  • Store Flat/Stand When Filled — These bags start flat, making them easy to store. But the moment you put anything in them, they are able to stand on their own, making them great for retail displays.
  • Merchandising — Similarly, these bags take up less space on store shelves. They allow retail outlets to stock shelves with more items and make sure those products capture people’s attention.
  • Protection & Barrier — ClearBags carries several zipper pouch varieties that contain different barrier properties. From scent and odor barriers to light and moisture barriers, we have many options.
Stand up zipper pouches are also popular with consumers, because they are re-sealable (great for foods and coffees), easy to store in cabinets and closets, and durable.
You also have a variety of options to choose from, each of which help you brand your business. At ClearBags, we carry a variety of zipper pouch colors, sizes, and styles. You can choose from an oval window, a partial window, a full window, or no window, as well as countless degrees of barrier protection as you protect the products inside.
Flexible, food safe, brandable and durable, it becomes obvious right away why these bags are so popular, and why they are quickly popping up on shelves everywhere. Check out all of our Stand Up Zipper Pouch inventory today, or call us at 800-233-2630 to learn more about these bags and styles.