At ClearBags, you can have it your way!

Custom printed bags

Here at ClearBags, we service over 100,000 customers each year. We love that we can talk to so many of you. We are often surprised by the misunderstanding that our custom-made products will be cost prohibitive.

We are always happy when we can dispel the myth that a custom style bag or box will be significantly more expensive than one of our stock products. Typically, a custom style or size will cost a customer about the same as a similar stock size. When it comes to adding printing to our bags or boxes, most new customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that adding basic printing will increase the cost of their package by as little as 15-20%.

We offer state–of–the–art printing options. Just choose a bag or box style, prepare your art work and give us a call. Remember, printed packaging has few design limitations, promotes your brand, and creates an image that your product is of high value. Printing can make your product “POP”.

Featured Customer: Hexx Chocolate