Happy National Donut Day!

No one eats donuts because of their vitamin content. Nor do they eat them to lose weight, or to cure their body of toxins. People eat donuts because, YUM! They’re donuts! A type of mouthwatering treat that you find any excuse to eat:

  • You got a promotion! Celebrate with a donut.
  • It’s your birthday! Celebrate with a donut.
  • It’s a weekday afternoon at the office! Celebrate with a donut.
  • Twitter says it’s a holiday! Go buy a dozen before the day is over.

The reason people eat doughnuts is because they’re a delicious indulgence. Like ice cream and cookies, our willpower is thrown out the window and we allow ourselves to be drawn to these desserts. But perhaps even more importantly, donuts look scrumptious; visually appealing rings of dough that lures you in from across the aisle, store, and even street.

Yet, this “see a donut, buy a donut” impulse buy is also one of the main reasons that artisan bakers need to ensure that they select the best possible doughnut packaging. At ClearBags, we have a variety of options that satisfy two of the most important qualities in a great donut bag or donut box:

  • Excellent Clarity
  • Great Shelf Life

Many of our bags and boxes are made with crystal clear clarity, making them effective for showcasing the product within. The more delicious your donut looks in its packaging, the more people are going to buy it. Taking a page from real estate, curb appeal does apply to retail packaging too.

These same boxes–as well as many of our other pastry packaging options–are also excellent for extending shelf life. Keeping your donuts fresh is also the key to attracting repeat customers, since stale foods tend to turn off future buyers.

Sell Your Desserts with Our Wholesale Doughnut Packaging

If you want your donuts to fly off the shelf, you need to select the best possible way to display the final product. Sure a pink, paper box holds the tasty treats, but how does that showcase your treats to potential customers walking by? How does that keep them looking delicious after they have been packaged? How does that improve shelf life?
When a customer walks out of your shop with an order of donuts, they’re endorsing your bakery. Don’t let that opportunity go to waste. Don’t be a stale about your approach. Be strategic.

A few donut packaging ideas to consider:

We also have larger crystal clear boxes that fit both single donuts and multiple donuts, as well as flat heat seal bags that offer excellent protection and shelf life. These are only some of the sizes and styles of the bags and boxes we have to offer donut makers.

If you’re interested in learning more about food safe packaging, visit our online store.