Featured Customer: HEXX Chocolate & Confexxions

HEXX chocolate & confexxions – Las Vegas Candy Store

We’re excited to partner with HEXX for their custom-printed bulk candy bags. HEXX’s vibrant, whimsical retail shop offers an array of chocolates, candy and merchandise for both children and adults.

HEXX handcrafted chocolates are blended solely with organic coconut palm sugar in order to showcase the flavorful varietals produced from quality cacao beans from different regions and growers around the world. A selection of “confexxions” that can be purchased by the pound, and retro candy, specialty gifts and unique apparel are also available.

The café within the store features craft ice cream, Peet’s Coffee & Tea along with hot chocolate made on site with HEXX chocolate. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, make sure to visit their store and catch a bite at their Kitchen + Bar. It’s a fun family-friendly experience.

Visit Hexx Chocolates’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hexxchocolate