Packaging with Crystal Clear Boxes – An effective way to add value to your product

Packaging conveys value and commitment to your brand and shows that your product is special and worth purchasing.

The many benefits of our Crystal Clear packaging:

  • Superior Structure — Our Crystal Clear boxes tend to have more defined edges and a better structure than traditional paper boxes and lower quality clear packaging.
  • Outstanding Pricing — Our Crystal Clear rigid packaging options are, in most cases, more affordable than fancy paper boxes and always sold for wholesale pricing.
  • Durable Material — Our Crystal Clear boxes are resistant to bends, scratches, fogging, and crushing. And our food safe plastic boxes also provide a better shelf life than paper boxes.

All our boxes also ship flat, and are very easy to assemble. Most boxes come in one piece and simply pop open and are immediately ready to use, already in their ideal shape with no additional work needed on your part.

We have hundreds of different styles of clear boxes and rigid packaging, with countless sizes available for your packaging needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our clear boxes, the material, or the perfect packaging option for your products, check out our inventory or contact our customer support staff today.

BUYER TIP: We ship items flat to save you space and money!

All our stock items store and ship flat. What does this mean for you? Well, for example, if you purchased 1,200 our Crystal Clear Tubes, you could either receive a pallet of 25 boxes of fully formed tubes, or 1 box of our flat tubes.

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