Kettle Corn Bags for Business and Special Events

Wholesale Bags for Kettle Corn and Popcorn

Everybody loves kettle corn. As a company that sells kettle corn or popcorn, your ability to thrive in today’s economy isn’t just in attracting more consumers – it’s also in making sure that you are cutting down on your excess costs while still delivering a superior product.

While many companies focus exclusively on the corn itself, you can improve your product and your bottom line dramatically by making sure you select the right bags.

Our Wholesale Kettle Corn Bags at ClearBags

ClearBags is the leading provider of wholesale packaging in the United States, with sizes and options for every type of business. We’re proud to offer a variety of kettle corn bags and popcorn bags for very low, affordable pricing. Some examples of these kettle corn bags include:
We have several dozen sizes of Crystal Clear gusset bags, but this product is one example of our more popular choices. These bags have a large opening so that you can stick a lot of your product inside, as well as 1.5 feet of length so that you can package bulk product with ease.
These bags also have outstanding clarity, which means that anyone that looks at your product inside of these bags will be attracted to how delicious they appear, and the quality of the bag means that your customers will be able to tell that you’re a professional company.
For those that are looking for something a bit unique, our cone bags are another option, and come in a variety of sizes including the above 7.5 x 17 inch model. These bags are made with the same FDA approved material as our gusset bags above, but come in a unique cone shape that customers love – a shape that makes them easy and fun to carry, with a clarity that helps your product shine.
ClearBags also produces and can create clear printed gusset bags that are perfect for a kettle corn manufacturer’s needs. You can see some of the styles we have in stock, but we also have custom kettle corn bag printing available for those that need it. These bags are great for those that are served smaller packages of popcorn and kettle corn, and are also very fun for holiday events.

Choose Your Wholesale Kettle Corn Bags Today at ClearBags

The kettle corn bags listed above are only some of the options we have available at ClearBags – the number one supplier of wholesale packaging. If you’re interested in finding out more about our kettle corn bags, be sure and browse our entire inventory or call us at any time to get help with a custom bag.