Plastic – The King of Preservation

Plastic is the most efficient and inexpensive way to promote, protect and preserve your products. It’s the preservation aspect of plastic that makes the material such a versatile, intelligent choice for products that need long term protection.

Plastic has transformed how the world preserves products, and we’re proud to carry some of the best preservation quality wholesale plastic bags, boxes, and other packaging to ensure your products remain in peak condition for as long as possible.

Preservation is especially important for improving the shelf life of food. Shelf life is affected by several factors: exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture. Plastic bags with barrier properties improve shelf life dramatically. ClearBags is pleased to offer several barrier bag options with low oxygen and moisture transfer rates. Quality barrier packaging that has been made and sealed correctly will provide a longer shelf life. A great example of this is how our Crystal Clear Bags provide 4 times better shelf life than standard paper cupcake boxes.

1 day in a paper cupcake box = 3-4 days in a Crystal Clear Bag. 

Food isn’t the only packaged item that benefits from the preservation aspect of plastic. Other items include:

  • Art and Photography – Art and photography bags are acid and lignin free plastic, made with archival quality material. This helps to eliminate the yellowing or fading of art and photography. Plastic photo sleeves are more durable than paper wraps, and better for protecting against outside elements. 
  • Apparel and Textiles – Clothing stored and preserved in plastic bags can last for years. Offering protection against insects, moisture, and bacteria, plastic is able to preserve clothing, like wedding dresses and other special formal material. 
  • Many other products – Law enforcement commonly uses plastic to protect and preserve critical evidence, like fingerprints and DNA. Plastic is also the best material to protect against acid and dirt on fingers, friction from other packaging, and more, so collectible items like comics, sports cards, and other items like mailers and stationery, last longer and maintain their value better than most other packaging options. 

Let us help you find the best packaging solution to preserve your products.

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