Featured Customer: Tattoo Sales

Tattoo Sales is the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world. From humble beginnings, their business started over 25 years ago, in a garage, when a young entrepreneur had an idea that would evolve into a well-known international product. 
Fast-forward a couple decades and they now employ over 100 people and print millions of temporary tattoos daily. Like many businesses, their product selection has grown to include items such as PaintSheets, Scratch-and-Win cards, and so much more. Known for their high quality, endless assortment of designs and the ability to customize tattoos, Tattoo Sales is a fun place to browse and shop. 
ClearBags is proud to provide a broad variety of bags needed for packaging temporary tattoo products for TattooSales and their one million plus customers. 
Check them out at TattooSales.com.
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