Featured Customer: Feeling Smitten – Soap Packaging

In 2007, Feeling Smitten created their first bakery themed bath product: the Cupcake Bath Bomb.

Currently, the Bath Bomb, as well as other Tub Treats, are sold in over 2500 stores in the USA, Canada, Norway and Japan. Their products are all handmade from the finest quality ingredients. ClearBags has enjoyed working with Feeling Smitten since they started, helping them to package their unique products, and in the development of custom designed boxes for their hand made bath treats. They have a great selection of attractive bakery-themed bath products.

To recreate this look, start your research in our clear boxes section. Because bath bombs are not edible, we have a lot of options for boxes.

Website: www.FeelingSmitten.com
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Twitter: @FeelingSmitten
Instagram: FeelingSmitten
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