February Newsletter – Good Packaging is an Insurance Policy

Good packaging is more than how it looks – it is security and protection. Product care is a key feature of our packaging. We carry many packaging options to protect your products, extend your product’s shelf life, and improve your product’s presentation.


Protecting your product is a primary function of packaging. It is important that your packaging stands up to the demands that are placed on your product during shipping, storing and retailing. Whether you’re looking for archival/acid free bags for your artwork, or barrier bags for your food, or something in between, we offer many different types of packaging and can help you figure out the best solution to ensure your product is protected.

Shelf Life:

Shelf life is affected by several factors: primarily exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture. Quality barrier packaging that has been made and sealed correctly will provide a longer shelf life. ClearBags is pleased to offer several barrier bag options with low oxygen and moisture transfer rates. Other types of packaging offer a longer shelf life through more ventilation. For example, microperf bags allow artisan breads to breathe and not spoil and modified atmosphere packaging keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer by allowing more ventilation.


It doesn’t matter if you’re using packaging to store nuts and bolts or nuts and fruit or even to protect a photograph from dust, it’s still essential to consider the quality of the packaging and how your product will look after it has been packaged, shipped, stored, or displayed. Good packaging improves presentation and can change the perception of those who see your product’s quality, value and importance.

Give us a call at (800) 233-2630 to discuss your packaging options. We can always help you select the best packaging to protect your product.

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