8 Ways to Get Creative with Stock Packaging

Stock packaging doesn’t have to be plain jane. We have DIY ideas to help you channel your inner designer guru. These ideas work especially well for smaller quantity orders.

What’s more, many of the materials to make these creations can be purchased at a local craft store. 

No more boring bags and boxes! It’s time to get your creative on. Here are 8 ways to personalize your packaging and seriously make it your own. 

Image from @studiobprintshop Instagram

1. Top it off with a Header Card

Do you use a clear poly bag/pouch for your product? Clear packaging highlights what’s inside your packaging. A Header Card with a bold design gives your product a tighter focus drawing in your customers for a closer look.

All you need is cardstock/quality paper, a smart design, and a stapler. That’s it! Print a design onto cardstock with your own printer or outsource this task. Simply fold the cardstock over your poly bag/pouch with the product placed inside, and then staple it shut.

Check out these ideas for some inspiration:

Image from love-the-day.com

 2. Mash-up with Nesting Boxes

Look at the mash-up of the Peanuts gang’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with the Netflix hit, “Stranger Things.”  Together they form “A Stranger Things Christmas,” creating yet another dimension when their worlds collide.

You can create a new dimension with packaging when you mash-up nesting boxes. Try combining two or more boxes together to separate your product into parts (e.g., ingredients in a kit). Clear boxes are effective because they show off your product. This is even more eye-popping when you can package multiple products within one nested package. 

Take a peek at these nested candy boxes for a visual treat:

3. Brighten with Washi Tape

It’s no wonder everyone is pining over Washi tape. Just saying the word “Washi” is fun, isn’t it? It’s even more fun to play with. Japanese in origin, this decorative, adhesive tape is strong and colorful. 

Didn’t get your design right the first time? No problem! This tape is easy to reposition or tear. It’s also semi-transparent, waterproof, and writable. If that’s not enough, Washi is made from natural fibers strong enough to tape whole products together. How about that for originality?

Here are some great ideas for Washi tape:

4. Awe with Stamps and Stencils

Stamps and stencils are like a homemade soup, and who doesn’t enjoy that? They offer a handmade quality that feels like it’s made just for you. Apply a simple stamp or fancy lettering, or use a combination of both. Slick Writers and Stazon Ink are two products that work great on both bags and boxes.

You can have a stamp tailor-made for a specific product, or experiment with more general designs. Either way, your customers will feel like they are getting a one-of-a-kind product. 

Stamped and stenciled designs add spark to these packages:

Image from Pinterest

5. Emboss like a Boss

Transform the ordinary to extraordinary with an embossed design. Embossing is a great way to carve out extra depth and add texture to your packaging.

If you decide you really like this look, you can purchase an embossing machine to create a design in seconds. Machines are available from your local retailer and are small enough to store. Add an embossing powder to create a distressed or antique look. 

Watch this video demonstration by Diane Dimich on how to emboss a clear box to get an idea of what we are talking about.

6. Captivate with a Label

Labeling is a quick solution for personalizing your brand for when you have limited time and resources. And since labels can be printed directly from your home office printer, you can be flexible about the design or quantities you produce. This task can always be outsourced to a third party. As you can see, a label inspires dazzling designs.

Here is a quick idea using an ElastiTag:

7. Enhance with Tie-ons

Ribbons, bows, and twist ties, oh my! Dress up your package in satin or polka dots. A ribbon or bow offers the perfect accent to help your product stand out. Accessorize with pre-tied bows, or snip and curl your way to a design of your own. Twist ties are an affordable way to secure a poly bag and come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are many suppliers to choose from who offer accessories at wholesale prices. 

Let the fun begin:

8. Customize Printing

Many of these options work well for products ordered in smaller quantities. When your volume of orders increases, a next step could be to move into custom printing. This option will save you time and resources in assembling your product packaging. Printing directly onto your package with an attractive design gives credibility to your brand that customers can’t help but notice.

The possibilities for creating knock-out designs are limitless. One bonus is you can decide when and how you want to add these details to your stock packaging. You may want to change up a product during a special promotion or holiday. Maybe you just want to flex your creative muscle. 

We hope these ideas help your stock packaging soar to new heights. Most importantly, have fun!

Have you tried any of these methods or have design ideas of your own you would like to share? Please tell us in the comments.