DIY: Boho Chic Gift Packaging Idea

This is a guest post from our friend Niki over at 365 Days of Crafts. You can view the original post here

Niki goes over how to create this stunning DIY gift from start to finish, that features stenciling our Kraft Tapered Tote for a fun and unique twist.


Try this boho chic gift packaging idea and DIY baby onesie tie dye idea for a great handmade baby gift that does not cost a lot of money but looks like a boutique gift! I don’t know about you but my friends are still popping out the little ones and I am always trying to think of something unique to give them that they want and will actually use. My kids went through baby onesies as fast as they did their diapers. So I thought I would tie dye a bunch of onesies and package them up. I will give directions on how to make both the tie dyed onesies and the uber cool and creative boho chic gift packaging.



  • onesies
  • fabric dye in multiple colors
  • tongs
  • rubber bands
  • gloves
  • covered work surface
  • mason jars
  • a stove or a microwave
  • wear old clothes!


Select your paint colors and stencil then place the surface to be stenciled on a covered work surface. Place the stencil in the desired location and dip the stencil brush into the paint. Tap off excess paint. When stenciling less paint is better because you can always add layers.

You can change brushes in-between paint colors. On this project I did not because I wanted blended colors. Play around and get comfortable with paint and see what you like best.

Stencil randomly all over the gift box and allow the paint to dry. Use the same stencil that you used to apply the paint and use a micron pen to create an outline. None of this has to be perfect because that is the nature of hand-made and part of the boho chic look.



Cover your work surface before you begin, wear gloves and old clothes. As I say that, I am sitting here typing this in with blue fingernails and a splash of blue dye on the front of my shirt.

Add rubber bands to the dyed item to create your pattern and then soak the items to be dyed in a bath of clean hot water. This helps to get a better dye result.

Either heat up your dye in a dye only pan on the stove or in a jar in the microwave. Use caution when moving hot stuff.

Place the item in the mason jar or pan and allow to soak for 15-30 minutes. The longer it soaks the stronger and brighter the color will be. Remove the item dyed and rinse with cool clean water.

Wash with a mild detergent and air dry away from direct sunlight for best results.

Package the dyed baby onesies into the super cute boho chic gift packaging and watch the delight on their face when they see your cool creation.