June Newsletter: Our Sunshine Sale and our New Tapered Totes

Summer is a time to kick your shoes off, walk barefoot, and get a little extra Vitamin D. It’s a perfect time for some sunshine, don’t you think? This month join our Sunshine Sale – Take 10% off all Bags and Boxes. We’re starting off summer with a splash!

The Flap Seal or Protective Closure Decision

What bags and boxes will you choose? Decisions, decisions! Your choice will most likely depend on what you are packaging. That said, we understand that there are subtle differences in packaging options. Take Flap Seal Bags and Protective Closure Bags, for example.

Both bags provide the following:

  • A crystal clear presentation
  • An easy way to package products
  • An adhesive strip to close (or A self-adhesive closure)
  • Resealing capability

So, what’s the difference? The main difference is where that adhesive strip is located and how the bags are closed. The Flap Seal Bag has an adhesive strip on the bag flap, which allows you to adjust the fit for your product. The bag flap can be folded over for a tight fit, adjusting the length of the bag. So, if the size of your product varies, Flap Seal Bags may give you the flexibility you need. Because the fit does not need to be so exact, products are more easily inserted into these bags, providing a faster rate of production.

On the other hand, Protective Closure Bags have the adhesive strip on the body of the bag, rather than the flap. This closure requires that your product size is an exact fit for the bag. Standard sized products that are uniform in their shape and dimensions work best in Protective Closure Bags. Because the adhesive strip is on the body and not the flap, the adhesive glue does not catch your product when sliding items in and out. Art/photo prints and stationery products are popular choices for these reclosable bags.

Just remember to consider how your customers will access and use your product. The easier the experience, the more likely your customers will be back for more.

Spotlight Product – Tapered Totes in White and Kraft

New on the scene is our Tapered Tote Boxes – now available in three new sizes and in two different colors – White and Kraft. Cookies, favors, and gifts are right at home in this gable-top style box. This unique design features a product window to give customers a peek of what’s inside.

June Promotion

Sunshine Sale – Take 10% off all Bags and Boxes.

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Where you can find us in upcoming trade shows

Our summer schedule is looking busy. We’d love to see you. Stop by for a special promo at the following locations:

  • June 4 -6, Sun-Tues – IDDBA, Booth #2269 – Anaheim, CA
  • June 12 -14, Mon-Wed – Cannabis Bus Summit & Expo, Booth #317 – Oakland, CA
  • June 13 -15, Tues -Thu – EastPack, Booth #2950 – New York, NY 
  • June 14 -16, Wed-Fri – APIC, Booth #905 – Portland, OR 
  • June 14 -16, Wed-Fri – CWCB NY, Booth #221 – New York, NY 
  • June 25 -27, Sun -Tue – Summer Fancy Food, Booth #1055 – New York, NY 

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10% off promotion ends on June 30, 2017. Does not apply to custom orders and cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be combined with customer-specific pricing program. Limit one use per customer.