17 Best Halloween Party Favor Ideas

Trick-or-treat! The ghosts and goblins have come out to play and they brought with them some adorable ideas for all things Halloween. Check out this sampling of party favors, candy bags, and non-candy treats we have curated for you. Many of these ideas are so simple, kids can help put them together. You can also hand out these treats at school parties or use as decorative centerpieces.

17 best halloween party favors

Whether you’re in the mood for pumpkins or monsters, let the scary fun begin! Below find complete instructions and free printable labels to create the cutest favors and treats we’ve ever seen. They are sure to be a hit at your next party and for years to come.

1. Halloween Chocolate Bats: Inspired by Hershey’s, these treats are both scary and sweet.

halloween pillow box chocolate bats

2. Five Little Pumpkins: Based on the book of the same name, these pumpkins are sitting on the gate and they make the cutest bag topper.

five little pumpkins flat bag printable

3. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats: This classic marshmallow treat looks even better when it’s green.

frankenstein rice krispie treats flat gusset bag

4. Bugs and Hisses: Gummy snakes and spiders join together for this creepy, hissable combo treat.

bugs and hisses gummy flat bag printable

5. Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea: Your scary movie experience is complete with this festive bucket of soda and candy treats.

halloween movie night gift idea

6. Treat Bags with Toppers: Fill bags with skull poppers, spider rings, and your favorite candy. Tricks are not invited to this bag.

treat bags with printable

7 Spooky Straws: When you want less candy, this non-candy straw treat is just as much fun.

spooky straws

8. Scary Party Treats: Eek and shriek while you celebrate with candy corn caramel apples, skeleton brownies, trick or treat tic-tac-toe, and so much more. Great party fare.

scary party gift bags

9. Halloween Poop: This hilarious treat is sure to make the kids smile. Eat it if you dare!

halloween poop gift bags

10. Oreo Pumpkin Pops: Oreos look great in orange. Try these cute favors as a centerpiece at the Thanksgiving kids’ table.

chocolate covered oreos pumpkin pops

11. Halloween Marshmallow Pops: Marshmallows with sprinkles. Do we need to say more?

halloween marshmallow pops

12. Play Doh Monster Kits: Create a monster with pom poms, pipe cleaners, and googley eyes. This one won’t rot their teeth!

play doh monster kits

13. Oreo Witch Shoes: The witch is in and she’s wearing these oreo shoes.

oreo witch shoes

14. Candy Pumpkin Party Favor: Get creative with any orange candy with this simple pumpkin favor!

candy pumpkin party favors

15. Lego Pumpkin Treat Bags: Easy to put together and a sure favorite. Kids always love Legos.

lego pumpkin treat bags

16. Batty Treat Holders: Let a bat hold all the treats. All the ghosts and goblins in your neighborhood will approve of this adorable favor.

batty treat holders

17. Apple and Caramel Fall Treats: A healthy snack for a party or trick-or-treaters, using apples and caramel dip cups.

apple and caramel fall treats