14 Best Thanksgiving Favor Ideas

Fall colors and pumpkin spice come together in the most adorable way in our compendium of Thanksgiving favors. Perfect for school parties, weddings and, of course, the turkey day feast, we’ve curated some ideas to make your holiday season extra special. How many ways can you say gobble, gobble?

14 best thanksgiving favor ideas

Swoon with pumpkin spice and an eyeful of autumn colors. Festive, fun, and cozy, these fall treats are easy to make and can double as place cards at the Thanksgiving table. Each link includes detailed instructions and photos to guide you. Oh, which one will you choose?

popcorn corn on the cob treat bags

1. Popcorn Corn on the Cob Treat Bags – Popcorn wrapped in green tissue make these treat bags look like the real thing. Grab some extra clear seal top bags here to make filling and sealing a breeze.

three ideas for your thanksgiving dinner party

2. Three Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Party – Give your guests memories they can take home. Hosting will be breeze with these coasters, take-home boxes, and candy corn favors.

indian corn thanksgiving favors

3. Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors – Fall Sixlets candies create the perfect Indian corn. Add a stamp and these colorful treats double as place cards.

turkey treat bags with printable tags

4. Turkey Treat Bags with Printable Tags – Combine googly eyes, colorful fall tissue paper and some ribbon and you got yourself an adorable turkey. Stuff this one with candy. Find a selection of ribbons in assorted colors here.

turkey popcorn treat bags

5. Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags – A yummy treat to share and a hit a school parties, popcorn and Reese’s pieces form a turkey that is almost too cute to eat.

spiced pumpkin granola

6. Spiced Pumpkin Granola – An easy favor to prepare in big batches. Mix in toasted pecans, shaved coconut, and white chocolate chips for a satisfying treat.

turkey treats

7. Turkey Treats – Assemble turkeys with tulle, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and Reese’s pieces. This one’s a hit at the kids’ table and adults enjoy them too.

thanksgiving favor box DIY

8. Thanksgiving Favor Box DIY – Candies in autumn colors are filled inside these cute pillow boxes with a leaf cut-out. Easy to make and a classy way to say thanks. This post teaches you how to make pillow boxes from scratch, but if you want to get some already made you can get kraft pillow boxes here.

pumpkin spice bath bomb

9. Pumpkin Spice Bath Bomb – An unforgettable, fragrant bath experience inspired by pumpkin pie and gingerbread. Don’t forget the sprinkles.

mini pumpkin bread loaves

10. Mini Pumpkin Bread Loaves – A lighter-spiced pumpkin flavor than traditional breads. Ditch the cloves and boost the cinnamon for a pumpkin-light version everyone can love. Wrap these loaves in gusset bags with expanding sides herefor an easy fit.

fall harvest cards

11. Fall Harvest Cards – Honor the pumpkin season with a crafted card. Die cuts, sequins, and stamps celebrate pumpkin coffee in style. Choose from a variety of blank cards here to help you fulfill your creative vision.

DIY thanksgiving party favors

12. DIY Thanksgiving Party Favors – Savor the the holidays with mulling spices in cute, little jars. A sweet gift that won’t break the bank.

sweetie pie mini favors

13. “Sweetie pie” mini pie favors – An itty-bitty version of the official dessert of fall. This sweetie pie is adorable at this cozy time of year.

diy mulling spice favors

14. DIY Mulling Spice Favors – Try this recipe for homemade mulling spices for an intoxicating and toasty wedding favor. A modern take on the spice sachet, perfect for the cooler season.

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times a year and we feel so ready with these favor ideas! Best part is that these are so simple to put together, if won’t add any more stress to already a hectic day. Sit back and relax and let your guests be in awe of your craftiness!