Your neighborhood squirrels are probably scurrying around and getting their acorns stored for winter right about now. Whatever they’re doing, they sure are busy! We want to help you get your things in order, too, for the busy months ahead.

Get stocked up with our September sale. Take 10% off all bags and boxes! Gussets, eco bags, pillow boxes, gift bags. You name it! There’s something for everyone. See details below.

An Ordering Tip: Get More for Less with Price Breaks

Just like the squirrels with their nuts, storing your packaging supplies in a safe place for later can make a lot of sense. Here’s a cost-saving tip. Instead of requesting many small orders, place one big order at a higher volume so you can qualify for price breaks!

Take a look. Say a bag has a price break at 100 ($0.10), 1000 ($0.08) and 2000 ($0.075):

          If you buy 100-900 pieces, you pay the 100 piece price.
          If you buy 1000-1900 pieces, you pay the 1000 piece price. 
          If you buy 2000-next price break, you pay the 2000 piece price.

So, if the 1000 piece break is $0.08 and you order 1300 bags, you would pay $104.00 (1300 * 0.08). In other words, you won’t need to pay the higher rate for pieces over the 1000 amount. In this example, those extra 300 pieces will also cost 0.08/piece. NOT $110.00 (1000 * 0.08) + (300 * 0.10).

If you’re going to be needing this packaging in the near future anyway, why not get some price breaks? Ordering ahead will not only save you money, but it will give you peace of mind. You deserve it. Just think, no more last minute orders!

New Products – Embossed Pillow Boxes in Gold and Silver Foil

Get ready to dazzle your customers with our new Embossed Pillow Boxes. Created by our very own in-house designer Shihua Ren, these boxes are truly one-of-a-kind. Clear boxes are embossed with a spiral-like design in gold or silver foil. They offer a bejeweled, elegant look and make beautiful wedding favor boxes or gift boxes. Package jewelry, beads, wrapped truffles, candy, and more.

Whatever you put inside these boxes will sparkle! Available in one size in Gold or Silver. Embossed Pillow Boxes are included in this month’s 10% off sale. Check out them out here.

Monthly Promo:

Now is a great time to get stocked for the winter. For the month of September, take 10% off ALL Bags and Boxes! Choose from your favorites below:

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Upcoming Trade Shows

If you’re at any of upcoming events, be sure to stop by and receive a promo on us! Here are our shows for September and October:

  • Sept 9-11, Sun-Tues – Philly Candy Show, Booth #522 – Hershey, PA
  • Sept 27-29, Thu-Sat – CWCB LA, Booth #328 – Los Angeles, CA
  • Oct 1-2, Mon-Tues – 22nd Americas Food & Beverage, Booth #434 – Miami, FL

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The Fine Print/Disclaimer

*10% off promotion ends on September 30, 2018. Does not apply to customer orders and cannot be combined with any other offers. Not valid on clearance and sale items. Cannot be combined with customer-specific pricing program. Limit one use per customer.