13 Fall Blog Features πŸ‚ πŸŽƒ

Need some decoration inspiration this fall? Look no further, we’ve put together a list of our favorite 13 blogs to help get you in the spirit of fall coziness. Set that fire, get your blankets, and pour the hot cocoa, because it’s time for some DIY autumn magic.

Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath

This simple wreath would look cute on any door for the upcoming fall season! Learn how to make your own in the link above.

Glow Broomsticks

These glow broomsticks would be a great party favor for your next Halloween party. Click through to learn how to make it!

DIY Fall Potpourri

One of the best things about fall is the cozy fall candles and scents. Try making your own potpourri to fill up your house with that delicious fall smell.

DIY Dried Orange Garland

Not only would this garland look adorable, it would also smell amazing.

DIY Halloween Garland

This is a perfect way to add a cute and spooky decoration to your home or Halloween party.

DIY Paper Pumpkins

These deceptively simple paper pumpkins are a great way to add some hand-crafted decorations to your home.

Halloween Treat Bags

Spooky-fy your kids lunch with some quick little sharpie art! The possibilities are endless!

Mummy Apple Slices

This is a cute twist to the tradition caramel apple, and perfect to do with kids or for that work potluck you like to go just a – little – extra for.

Halloween Wood Bead Garland

This is another cute garland to decorate your table or fireplace with. Get some friends together for a crafting night and go nuts. Don’t forget some glitter!

Baked Apple Pie Bath Salts

Human potpourri soup! This is great for a gift or for yourself to enjoy a relaxing bath while slowly simmering away your woes.

Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices

These are also a great alternative to a traditional caramel apple, while still keeping the caramel apple elements. Make your own from the tutorial in the link above.

Chocolate Acorns

Innovative! Treats! Chocolate! This truly has it all.

DIY Cinnamon Candle

Fall is a great time to try out a new hobby, and what better choice than some candles! Make your own or jazz up some sad ones that have been sitting in the back of your cupboard for 3 years. Truly a win/win situation.