A letter from Our Founder:

Another fantastic year is coming to an end and I, along with all of us at ClearBags, would like to take a moment to give thanks to you – our wonderful customers who helped make this all possible. As often happens, many of the relationships we’ve built together this year have come to feel more like family and friends. We have prospered and learned together, and your influence will have lasting impacts on our business and in our personal lives. Thank you for that!
For the past 27 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working hard to find new creative and practical packaging solutions to add to the great ones we already have. With the help of your amazing feedback and inquiries, we’ve been able to add tons of new products to our lineup this year and are excited for many more ideas to come in the future! With new milestones being reached each year, it’s important to be thankful for those who helped us reach this point, so thank you so much again!
Although we specialize in packaging, the most important goal is to make sure the people we serve are happy they chose ClearBags. We are driven to deliver excellent customer service and to put a smile on your face in the process. We are also thankful when you let us know when we fall short. It helps us improve and keeps us humble. Thank you for that!
We have enjoyed serving you, as your creativity and dedication to your many and varied crafts and products have been truly inspiring! We hope our products have fulfilled their purpose of protecting, promoting, and preserving your products in pleasing, practical and positive ways.
From our family to yours, ClearBags wishes you a happy holiday season and a fantastic new year!
Benny Wilkins
ClearBags Founder