How to Store, Package and Preserve Collectibles

This infamous year of 2020 has brought us many unpredictable events that are completely out of our control. To help reign in stress levels and channel your inner “Marie Kondo,” it’s important to take care of the things that can be controlled and act on them. Those dusty boxes and inherited stamp collections are calling for help! Organization is often found as a way to decompress and gain that sense of control that we all need. It might not be everyone’s favorite activity, but the rewards of feeling productive and less overwhelmed are indispensable.

Are you or someone you know a diecast car collector?  Maybe those valuable figurines of Grandma’s are in need of a dust free way to protect and display them. Crystal Clear Boxes and Crystal Clear Value Boxes offer a clear solution! Our item number VB292 is often used for diecast cars or even small valuables. Our Clear Boxes are 10-12 mil thick, ship flat, and are easy to assemble. Our customers particularly love how these boxes can stack on each other for optimal display options.

Baseball Cards are also valuable collectibles. These cards need protection from fingerprints and sunlight. When you have curious little hands around, our child resistant bags are a must. They discourage tampering with a no tear option and 5mm side seams. These bags are made to be sealed with a standard heat sealer. Our Premium Metallized Heat Seal Bags also use a heat sealer to close but come with tear notches on each end of the bag for easy opening. These Metallized bags are made to protect against UV lighting, moisture and oxygen.  Both of these options can be marked with a sharpie for easy organizing and long term storing.

If you are a Baseball Card collector, you might have heard of Strat-O-Matic Baseball.  This nostalgic game is becoming highly popular once again, and we’ve got the perfect No Flap Bags to protect the batter cards that come with the game. These bags allow you to keep those cards in great condition for continual use and long lasting fun!

Have you recently found yourself shuffling through old photos, stamp collections, documents, or certificates? How should you protect these significant keepsakes? Try using our Glassine Paper Sheets or our Protective Closure Bags. Made from an interweaving material, Glassine Paper Sheets are translucent, acid free, and come in many sizes. They are meant to protect against acid migration. They also prevent prints from rubbing together and stop ink from offsetting. Many people at one point or another have flipped through an old scrapbook or pulled a pile of photos out of a shoe box and found some of the memorabilia sticking to each other. Glassine sheets can save important documents, memories, and certificates from irreversible damage. These sheets come in multiple sizes but can also be cut to the exact size you need. Protective Closure Bags offer some of the same features as glassine sheets but offer full protection around your memorabilia with an adhesive strip that is located on the body of the bag and not the flap. This ensures the glue never comes in contact with the item inside the bag.

If postcards or photos are what you are wanting to preserve, consider using our Crystal Clear Photo Mounts. These are perfect for protecting the front and back of your postcards. These acid free, archival safe bags come with two adhesive strips on the back of the photo mount. Simply insert your photo or postcard, and use the two adhesive strips to stick your protected memories into your scrapbook, journal, or wherever you’d like – How convenient!

Many people find collecting stamps enjoyable. This hobby is definitely enhanced through organization. Stamps are tiny. When it comes to loose, small stamps, our glassine envelopes, are just the right size. Perfect for temporary and quick safe keeping, these envelopes are open ended with no adhesive on the top. If you are looking for a small bag with an adhesive closure, our Crystal Clear Bags are the clear choice. These bags are durable, archival safe and acid free. Both of these options come in packs of 100 and will keep those loose, small items safe and orderly. 

From organizing the latest diecast cars or your grandfather’s postcards, we are here to help. With so many different sizes of Crystal Clear Boxes, Crystal Clear Bags, and glassine products, we are confident you will find the supplies you need to organize, protect, and preserve your treasures. If there is a silver lining to these recent world events, it might be that you now have a little more time to enjoy your collectibles.