Featured Customer: Lady Fortunes Inc.

Lady Fortunes Inc. is the Nation’s Premier Giant Fortune Cookie Company and so much more! With a huge celebrity following and having been featured on Food Network, Good Morning America and many other shows, Lady Fortunes is on its way to becoming a household name.

Daria Artem started Lady Fortunes, making unique and delicious gourmet cookies and sweets, but it’s the Giant Fortune Cookies that have made Lady Fortunes so popular. They use the highest quality products to create their exquisite line of cookies and candies. Their treats are unique and, honestly, fun to receive. How often is it that we see a fortune cookie that’s bigger than our hands? These special cookies might change the way you look at your after-dinner treats forever. But they are worth it. Customers are also able to customize fortune messages, making this wonderful product even more impressive; these are not only eye-catching, but they’re also gifts that can be personalized for any event or special occasion.

  • Need to ask a someone out on date? Sending them roses and chocolates is classic, but sending them a personalize fortune cookie would be a once in a lifetime moment.
  • Want to celebrate a birthday occasion without cakes or cupcakes?
  • How about centerpieces for your next company party?

However, the Lady Fortunes team have a much bigger selection of treats than just the fortune cookie. Over the years, they’ve been customizing Oreo cookies, Rice Crispy treats, Lollipops, Pretzels, and more.

Source: Lady Fortunes’s Website 

ClearBags has enjoyed working with Lady Fortunes by providing several different packaging solutions for their ever-growing product line. With many food safe packaging options in our inventory, we are proud to provide Lady Fortunes with products that meet their needs and standards.

To learn more, visit: www.LadyFortunes.com
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Twitter: @LadyFortunesInc
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