We can support your Business and Hobbies

As a wholesale supplier, we serve over 100,000 customers a year with 400-500 orders a day. We work with giants like Shutterfly, Disney and Chrysler, which may leave the question, where do I fit in?

Not to worry!

ClearBags is the right place for you. In fact, a large portion of our customers are working out of garages, spare bedrooms and small town main street shops. Many hobbyists, home crafters and bakers have discovered great value in what we provide because we offer our products in small volume quantities at wholesale pricing. We cater to a range of enthusiasts in a number of specialty fields.

Here are some of the more popular ways our customers use our products for their home or hobbies:

    Clear Record Covers

  • Collectors, whether they prize vintage albums or rare comic books, are turning to us for packaging. Our Album Sleeves provide a perfect fit for their record collections, our Crystal Clear Book Covers come in a range of sizes for their personal libraries, and our Comic Book Bags preserve their favorite childhood characters.
  • Our Acid Free/Archival Crystal Clear Bags® are used by photographers and artists enthusiasts to protect and store their photos and prints. When getting ready to display at craft fairs, artists will pair up our photo-safe bags with one of our backing board options to present their art all over the world.
  • Is it time to organize the man cave? Customers have found that our zip bags are great for just about anything, from organizing hardware parts and pieces to making that warehouse store bulk purchase a little easier to divvy up. Many of our customers and employees use them daily for lunches and have found that our zip bags can be less expensive than buying them at the grocery store. If you’re jet-setting anytime soon, our Sliding Zip Bags are great for TSA regulations. We have sizes that work for everything from clothing to passports or even toiletries.
    Clear bags to protect prints and cards

  • For those who love the letterpress trend, we also have you in mind. Once you’ve made stunning cards, stationery and bookmarks you’ll want to make sure they’re protected. Many of our at-home stationery artists will use our vinyl products to keep their creations in pristine condition. Also, many of our customers love to use our Crystal Clear Boxes® to present their card and envelope sets. Our No Flap bags are ideal for keeping the card and matching envelope together.
    Food safe kraft box with tapered top

  • For you home bakers, we have several packaging options to improve the shelf life of your baked goods. Our line of Heat Seal Bags are ideal for keeping your cookies and other foods protected and helping them stay fresher, longer! Cupcake and Macaron Bag and Box Sets are ideal for gifts and favors and also have the benefit of keeping cupcakes and cookies fresher for a few more days. All of which makes for happy bakers and customers.
  • Crystal Clear Boxes and Ornate Boxes are ideal for gifts and wedding/party favors. They come in so many fun and unique shapes, there’s sure to be one that will work with your next project. All the Clear Boxes and Ornate Boxes come in packs of 25, so there’s no need to buy mass amounts, and you still get wholesale pricing!
    Kraft box with clear window for crafts and prints

  • Our Kraft bags and boxes are becoming some of our most popular packaging for crafters and hobbyists. With the Eco-friendly feel, they are geared towards those that would like to reduce their plastic use. Kraft products range from Standing Zipper Pouches to Pop-Up Tubes and can be used in a myriad of different applications.
  • Our Accessories can help finish off your packaging presentation. This includes using our ribbon, pre-tied bows, or stretch loops. We carry a wide variety of finishing touches ranging in colors and sizes to help your packaging stand out.

Remember, ClearBags has no minimum order, offers low pack quantities, and has the industry’s largest selection of in-stock packaging, making us the best choice for hobbyists, artists and at enthusiasts alike!