Exquisite Chocolate Packaging for The Chocolatier

What does pomegranate, cayenne pepper, lavender, and cognac have in common? They are all possible ingredients found in a recipe for artisan chocolates.

Whether it’s dark chocolate, organic chocolate, a filled bonbon, or a truffle, chocolatiers are passionate about natural ingredients, flavor profiles, and the quality of their cocoa beans. Their handmade, micro-batches of chocolate give a simple message in a busy world: stop and enjoy the chocolate.

Chocolate created with rich, complex textures is often experimental and exotic, blending in flowers or spice. It’s not surprising that artisan chocolates make a memorable gift to mark special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baby showers and more.

Chocolatiers are offered many packaging choices within the industry. Minimalist packaging accentuates the individuality of each chocolate, while ornate packaging can add flair and drama to your creations. Far and wide, boxes are the most popular choice for chocolates. At ClearBags, a few of the stock packaging options we carry are candy box sets, two-piece folding boxes, and single-serve truffle boxes. Custom packaging and printing for boxes, trays, and molds are also available for additional needs beyond our stock options.

Let’s take a look at how these packaging options can personalize your candy for a unique chocolate experience.

Artisan Candy Box Sets

Showcase your chocolate in our Artisan Candy Box Sets, which are perfect for showing off small quantities of delectable pieces of art. The set includes an inner clear tray that can be inserted into either a clear or Kraft outer box. These boxes provide a high-end look for the retail environment at a reasonable cost for packaging quantities ranging from 4–12 pieces of candy.

Our thermoformed trays are crystal clear and designed for industry-sized candies. The earth-toned Kraft paper enhances a natural brand, accentuating a handcrafted and organic feel. The crystal clear set, on the other hand, provides a dramatic space to show off your monogrammed chocolates or intricate design

Truffle and Chocolate Boxes

Larger candies embellished with delicate designs and colorful accents make a great first impression in a Truffle and Chocolate Box. These boxes are available in an assortment of sizes and fit standard and truffle size chocolates. They come with a clear tray for easy loading of your candies into the box and for sliding them in and out.

These clear boxes are sturdy and durable and are made with our soft-fold technology for easy assembly. Dress up these clear boxes with our elastic or vinyl stretch loops, available in an assortment of colors. Your finished product is sure to impress the most sophisticated palates.

You can easily find information about our Artisan Candy Box Sets and Truffle and Chocolate Boxes on our website under Food Safe Boxes.

Two-Piece Folding Boxes

If you’re looking for a more traditional approach to your candy packaging, our Two-Piece Folding Boxes are an attractive option. For the tops, you can choose from two clear options: a slip cover or a collapsible top. The bottom pieces come separately in 9 bold colors, ideal for tailoring your package for a unique holiday or festive celebration. Go classic with gold or black, or embolden your style with an olive or bronze. These boxes come in two possible depths and in a variety of sizes. No matter what you decide, these two-piece boxes offer a look as singular as your sweet creations. Enhance the final presentation with a stretch loop, vinyl stretch loop or a custom design.

Single Serve Boxes

We don’t stop there with our offerings. We also have an entire line of food safe boxes. Do you have a truffle that is so perfect that it needs to stand alone? We have a Pop & Lock box that is perfect for that single serving and is as simple as it sounds. This box snaps into place and closes with a secure, tab-lock design. It opens from the top, so your product will be received with wide-eyed admiration. You can add a label to stock options for a personal touch or have them custom printed. Chocolate covered Oreos are all the rage, being the perfect blend of affordable and artisan, which fit snugly in our dimensional box.

Personalize your Package

You can enhance any of these packaging options with accessories or custom printing. We offering custom printing for your packaging at an additional cost. Please contact us for details.

Not ready for this step? You might consider outsourcing a third party to design and print labels for your brand. A label on crystal clear packaging provides a polished and classy look to maximize your brand at a reasonable cost.

Don’t see what you need here? We offer a variety of custom options, including boxes, molds, and trays. The possibilities for your candy packaging are as limitless as your imagination.

A delicious treat in a beautifully designed package is a marvel to behold and savor. We offer quick turnarounds and low minimums for all your designer chocolate needs. Please contact us with any questions.