Cookie Packaging Trends: Boxes & Customer Photo Gallery

Let’s talk cookies. Cookies are so versatile. So many colors and flavors and textures that can be created and played with, so many ways to celebrate something that can be extravagant or simple. As this crazy cookie making industry grows, we also see a change in how some bakers are choosing to package their treats in boxes. Boxes are the perfect choice to make cookie gifts and add a sturdier protection which can be handy for how delicate cookies can be. 
If there are two things we know to be true, it would be that 1) cookies are delicious and 2) we have the best customers. We know this to be a fact because our customers are always sharing the beautiful and amazing cookies they create and put in our packaging. How lucky are we?! So we would like to dedicate this post to you, you gorgeous customer you, and showcase all the amazing ways our boxes are used.
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