Top Craft Bloggers You Should Know About

top craft bloggers you should know about

If you like creating crafts or engaging in DIY projects to create cute accents for your home, then you know that finding unique projects can be difficult. You can purchase picture frames for your family photos, or you can create some that make your photos stand out against the walls of your home. If you are having trouble coming up with a new project, you can always bounce ideas off of your friends, but instead of limiting the ideas that you are exposed to, try engaging in a crafting community online.

There are tons of craft bloggers online that are dedicated to presenting you with modern project ideas that will wow at any party or truly accent your living space. To help narrow down your search for a good craft blog, we have created a list of options for you to browse to see which ones appeal to you the most.

top craft blogger

Top Craft Bloggers You Should Check Out

posh little designs


Posh Little Designs is a blog that was created by Brandi to share all of the projects that she takes on each week with her community. She loves to entertain and bake, so they are a large part of the blog, but she is also into crafts, fashion, and interior design so that you can find projects relating to those concepts in the blog as well.

design eat repeat


Melissa is a graphic designer who created Design Eat Repeat as a way to share her creativity with others who enjoy crafting, cooking, and creating. If you enjoy creating unique treats for parties or holidays, then this blog combines creative design with the world of baking to give you something creative to makes when you have family or friends visiting.

love the day


Lindi is a DIYer, a crafter, and a party thrower who has created a blog that shares her creative concepts and her love of making things by hand with others. There are printable crafts that you can create for every holiday on the blog as well as party favor ideas and décor that you can use to decorate for any occasion.

tater tots and jello


Jennifer is a mother with a creative side that wanted a place to keep all of her craft ideas, so she created Tatertots and Jello, which is one of the top 25 DIY blogs on Pinterest. You can find crafts ideas, DIY tutorials, décor ideas, and dinner possibilities on the site that are fun and easy to create.

modge podge rocks blog


Mod Podge Rocks is a blog that was created by Amy. It is a place where you can find games that you can create to play with the kids, home décor ideas, and jewelry. There are some tutorials on the blog to help you, and there are even holiday ideas that you will adore creating.

mum in the mad house


Jen created Mum in the Mad House as a way to encourage creative crafts, activities, and recipes. She created the blog after facing a health scare, and since then, the blog has been named UK’s number one mummy blog. It won the title craft blog of the year in 2015 as well as a few other awards and rankings.

kids craft room


Kids crafting is important in this technologically advanced world, which is why Emma created Kids Craft Room. The blog promotes self-expression in children by presenting hands-on activities that they can enjoy. Arts and craft ideas are quite plentiful at Kids Craft Room, but you can also find parenting tips and recipe ideas on the blog as well.

vanilla joy


Kelsey and her husband decided that a blog that caters to families could strengthen the families in the community. This mother of three began focusing on providing tips to mothers and sharing craft projects that she enjoyed doing. She also has topics on bookbinding, sewing, quilting, cooking, and product reviews for items that you may be considering purchasing for your kids.

chica and jo


Chica and Jo are two friends who love to cook, craft, and travel together. They have so many crafting ideas that they are difficult to complete, so this blog is where they are stored. Whether you are looking for recipes, party favors, or unique decor to add to your home, you can find it on their blog.

lovely indeed


Lovely Indeed was created by Chelsea, a fun, loving mother of two who likes to craft, cook, and travel. She created this blog in 2010 to focus on family life, creative style, travel with kids, and DIY crafts that are fun to complete. There is even a section on the blog that focuses on interior design and decoration.

the painted hive


Kristine, the founder of The Painted Hive, is a mother of two who is passionate about interior decorating and design. The blog has a lot of budget-friendly ideas that revolve around room makeovers, furniture rehabs, and other DIY project ideas. There is also a project gallery full of ideas for every room of your home that you can find inspiration from.

gathering beauty


Emma created Gathering Beauty in 2013 as a way to share her crafts and some of her favorite baked goods. You can find crochet patterns, origami ideas, and clay projects on the blog as well as some recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are even printables that you can use to create gift boxes and bags this holiday season.

jennifer's little world


Jennifer’s Little World is a blog that Jennifer created to store memories of her family. Parenting is a big part of her life, and the blog focuses on crafts, family life, and family vacations. The blog was shortlisted in the brilliance of blogging for three years in a row, and it was a finalist in the MAD blog awards in 2015.

the gingerbread house co


The Gingerbread House is Jenny’s blog about her family, the crafts that they create together, and the adventures that their family has together. She even includes tutorials on the blog for some of the DIY craft ideas. If you are a parent looking for things that your little ones will enjoy, then this blog even has toy reviews for you to look at.

bugs and fishes


Laura loves crafting with felt; in fact, she has two books that have been published on the topic. The blog explores projects that you can create using felt, and you can also find many tutorials there as well. The blog also touches on some of the travels that she has experienced, which includes several craft shows and quilting festivals.

adventures and play


Adventures and Play is a blog that was created by Emma to keep adventures of her son, Adam. It details games and crafts that they create with balloons, clay, and lights. There are a number of animal crafts that kids will enjoy as well as fun things to do with nursery rhymes. Adventures and Play was a Brilliance in Blogging finalist in 2014.

flossie tea cakes


Flossie Tea Cakes is a blog that focuses on sewing, stitchery, and crafts that involve fabrics. Florence loves to sew, and she shares her patterns for bags, pouches, quilts, pillows, and more on the blog along with easy to understand tutorials that you can follow to create the crafts yourself. The blog won Company Magazine’s 2014 “best blog for crafty girls” title.



If you are looking for new inspirations for creating handmade items, then Haley’s blog, which is entitled Craftaholique is designed for you. There are posts about handmade jewelry, knitting ideas, felt projects, and kid crafts. There is also an inspiration section and a tutorial section that you can use when you are looking for a new project as well.

play and learn every day


Play and Learn Every Day, which was a MAD finalist in 2016, is a blog that was created by Niki to share crafts with other parents. There are even sensory crafts ideas like snowballs for the bath and rainbow rice. The activities are listed by age so that you can find an appropriate project for your kids to enjoy.

paper artsy


Crafts come in all forms, and Leandra wanted to share all of her ideas with you by creating this blog. There are ideas that can be created with stamps, stencils, and paints as well as clay, glue, and fabric. There are even tutorials that show you how to shrink plastic and create something from unique items like wax paper.

doodle and stitch


Rachel loves crafts, and she feels that it is something that all ages can enjoy, so she created Doodle and Stitch and categorized projects into creative things that you can do with your kids and by yourself. There are home décor ideas, wedding creations, and jewelry ideas that you can make into your next project as well as clay, felt, and wool craft ideas to inspire you.

paging super mom


Paging Supermom is a blog created by BettiJo that touches on her family life, homemaking, teaching, planning, cooking, and parenting in general. Life as a mom can be hectic, and the blog has plenty of parenting tips, activities that you can craft for your kids to enjoy, coloring pages to print out, and recipes that are quick and simple to make.

the crafty blog stocker


If you enjoy creating crafts, then the Crafty Blog Stalker has some great gift ideas that you can try out this holiday season. There are also plenty of home décor decorations that you can create for your home. If you enjoy quilting, creating jewelry, or cooking for your family, you will find that this blog has plenty of inspirations.

fun family crafts


Amanda created Fun Family Crafts as a place to share and display all of the craft ideas that she has created over the years. There are so many craft ideas out there for kids that she decided that creating posts that link to other blogs would create a resource where parents can go to get the ideas in one location.

make and takes


This is a blog that a group of mothers creates to help other moms in the community get ideas for kid’s crafts and creations. You can also find ideas that you can use to improve the interior design inside your home, and if you don’t know what to make for dinner, there are recipe ideas available as well.

lia griffith


Lia loves creating DIY projects of her own, but she designed her blog to help others find inspiration for their next project. The blog is updated daily with tutorials, templates, and videos to help you get started. There are crafts that you can create for your kids and holiday ideas that you can use throughout the year.

red ted art


Maggy created Red Ted Art as a community that has craft ideas that people of all ages can enjoy, but the content is aimed specifically at crafts for children. She has two children, so finding family-friendly craft ideas is important in her life. In 2016, her blog won the title of best arts, crafts, and design blog.

Final Thoughts

We realize that this is not a complete list of craft bloggers that can be found on the web, but we hope that it helps you find some great craft bloggers to follow. Hopefully, this list of blogs helps you to connect with like-minded individuals in communities across the globe to find inspiration that will motivate you to create something amazing for your home. Maybe one of the communities that you found on this list gave you an idea that you can create for a loved one.

Crafting has become big in recent years, and with that being said, we are interested to know more about the crafts that you have created recently. Where do you find inspiration? Do you belong to online crafting communities? If so, please let us know some of your favorite craft bloggers so that other craft enthusiasts can introduce themselves to the community and check it out.

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