A New ClearBags Look. Same Exceptional Products and Service

Starting today, ClearBags® has an updated look and feel. This update includes a new logo, new color palettes, new fonts, and even a more modern looking goldfish. It doesn’t stop at the look, however. ClearBags is moving forward with a fresh take on messaging and tone as well. And while a decent amount of change will be coming your way, what won’t be changing is the high-quality products and exceptional levels of customer service and fulfillment that ClearBags has always offered. In fact, with these updates, we will be seeking to provide even better products and services to our customer.

Here is a look at our new logo:

clearbags be seen

Before we dive into the details, we want to celebrate these upcoming changes with you by bringing back our BIG 10% OFF sale. Through the entire month of November, we will be doing our 10% off ALL bags and boxes. The promo code for the sale will be going out to all those on our email list. Not a member? Sign up here.

crystal clear bags and boxes

A few details about the branding

You will notice we are keeping the goldfish and our tagline, Be Seen.

First, let’s address the fish in the room. Some people ask, “Why the goldfish?” Well, when you think about a clear bag, one common childhood memory that many people can relate to is seeing a fish in a small clear bag or in a clear fishbowl. A goldfish as our mascot calls to mind clean clear water, a clear bag, or a bright fish standing out amid it surroundings. We have taken our previous fish, a very literal goldfish, and modernized the design. The bold, bright orange and the large eye of the fish help to drive home the tagline, “Be Seen.”

When we say be seen, what do we mean? We believe we offer the best packaging solutions to get your products seen. Not just in the largest selection of clear bags and boxes that we carry, but in the many thousands of styles of flexible packaging. We firmly believe that our customers’ products are the main stars of the show and should have all the attention. No matter the packaging, ClearBags helps your products be seen.


A variety of bright colors will accompany the logo design (The idea being, again, to take the focus off the packaging and on our customers’ products on display.), as well as new typefaces that match the many fun and warm personalities that make up ClearBags as a company.


What this means for our customers

As stated above, our customers will still get the trusted, easy packaging experience they are used to – outstanding products, personalized customer service, fast fulfillment, and exceptional value.

ClearBags is a family owned company and we believe that when you work with us, you become part of that family. With this new branding we will have an increased focus on delighting our customers and bringing them the most value possible. We will be working on faster fulfillment, lower shipping costs, easier returns, and more. This won’t come all at once, but we will be busily working away, making sure our customers love the packaging experience they get with us.

This year marks ClearBags’ 25th anniversary. As a company that stands by our high quality and service, it is our goal to make our next 25 years together even better! We believe this more modern look and feel propels us into an exciting future where we can continue to delight our customers. We couldn’t do this without you and we thank you for your support.

Customers, distributors, and the media can find updated logos and assets on our media page.

Disclaimer: *10% off promotion ends on November 30, 2017. Does not apply to custom orders and cannot be combined with any other offers. Not valid on clearance and sale items. Cannot be combined with customer-specific pricing program. Limit one use per customer.