How To: Load a Tape Gun in 6 Easy Steps

How to load a tape gun in 6 easy steps

Your products are boxed and ready for taping. The next step is to tape them all up. Packing your box may seem easy enough, but taping them up can be a frustrating task if your tape gun is loaded incorrectly. Before you know it, you have a tangled, sticky mess on your hands and packaging becomes a chore.

Have you ever struggled to load a tape gun when packaging up your retail products? If you answered yes, you might like this tutorial on how to properly load a tape gun. Carefree packaging is within easy reach! Just follow these 6 easy steps and you’ll be taping up boxes like a pro.

how to load a tape gun in 6 easy steps

Step 1

Hold the roll so that the tape unwinds with the sticky side facing down. Do a quick check. This is very important.

Step 2

On a flat surface, push the roll onto the tape wheel with the sticky side down.

Step 3

Pull the tape between the roller and the metal gate.

Step 4

Continue pulling the tape up and around the roller to the top of the cutting blade. Now close the metal gate.

Step 5

Tear off excess tape. Be careful not to cut your fingers.

Step 6

Check for tension and adjust the knob as needed. If the tape is too loose, turn the knob clockwise. To tighten the tape, turn the knob counter-clockwise.

how to load a tape gun in 6 easy steps

Here’s a tip from our warehouse:

Make sure the tape is on there tight. A loose tape gun won’t work as well!

You’re all set. Your packaging will be smooth sailing from here on out. Get ready to tape!