How to Package: Bath Bombs and Soaps

How to Package Bath Bombs and Soap
Image from DesignEatRepeat

Your back aches and the knots in your neck have cropped up like spring dandelions. There’s only one cure for this. You need the pampered chill of a bath bomb! Soak up the pop and fizz of this fragrant release and you’ll be as good as new. It’s no wonder that the bath bomb has brought back the joy of a good old-fashioned bubble bath.

Along with bath bombs, homemade soaps, salts, and fizzies offer a satisfying way to relax and de-stress. With ingredients like avocado oil, orange peel, lavender, and peppermint, these bath gems enhance our sense of well-being and make special gifts, too.

As bath products are sculpted into many shapes and sizes, there’s more than one way to package them. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve pulled together some options you might like to try.

Go Boutique with a Tapered Tote Box

Bath bombs and soaps mixed with high-end botanicals are a perfect match for a boutique look. A tapered tote box provides just the right combination of handcrafted appeal and elegance. Designed in a tent shape with a clear window, you can showcase finer details like gold flecks or colorful swirls. Available in white paper or Kraft options. The white paper offers a clean, fresh look while the Kraft has a natural, organic vibe.

Gusset Bag Savvy

What’s nice about gusset bags is that they’re flexible. These bags are designed for bulky and irregular shapes. Bath bombs molded into starfish, cupcakes, hearts, and animals are good candidates for gusset bags. These bags have a crisp appearance and work well for gift packaging. Coordinate colors with matching ribbons or labeling to give your presentation a polished finish.

Stand Up in a Pouch

High barrier bags hold in scents and moisture to keep bath bombs and fizzies fresh for longer periods. When you want barrier protection and a more vertical position on store shelves, a stand up pouch is the way to go. They also offer extra durability and an expandable bottom gusset to add more depth. Package a single bath bomb, salts, or soap scraps. Choose from bold colors, frosted, or clear pouches. You can also find pouches with clear windows that show just a peek of your product. There are so many styles and colors available, you’re bound to find one you like. Stand up pouches are a great choice for retail.

Go Simple with a Wrap, Bag or Box

Clear bags and boxes are the easy way to package most anything. Bath bombs and soaps are no exception. If you have a bath bomb disguised as a snowman or as a popsicle, for example, you might want a long-length bag. Poly bags are the perfect solution for this since you can find them in so many different sizes and styles. Wrap individual soaps in a clear wrap with ribbons or choose from self-adhesive or zipper bags. A clear presentation always looks fresh and inviting.

If you prefer a more rigid package, a clear box is a practical alternative to bags. You can find cubes or rectangular shapes and add colorful ribbons or twine. To showcase multiple products, you might try a nested box set. With this option, smaller boxes are stacked within a larger container. A nested box set is a fun way to bundle similar products together and it really makes your presentation unique.

Wrap it up in Glassine

Who needs a box or bag when you have a classy envelope? We’re talking about Glassine envelopes, the delicate, semi-transparent envelopes that give a subtle hint of what’s inside. Although they have no adhesive on the flap, they can be folded and sealed with stickers, labels, or wax to close. Perfect for handmade soaps pressed with flowers or loose soap scraps, glassine envelopes offer an elegant touch.

Make it Ornate

If you want to take things up a notch, make it ornate with a fancy box. Ornate boxes come in whimsical shapes to make your product stand out. Boxes shaped like flowers, clovers, and purses are just a few possibilities. Since bath products are quite a nourishing treat, what about using a takeout box? You get the idea. Ornate boxes appeal to our playful side.

Colorful scents and fizzy mixtures help melt the stress away to give our lives a perfect balance. We hope one of these ideas is just right to package your bath bombs or soaps.

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