DIY Overnight Hair Care Kit

We are truly excited to share this DIY from our friend Emma over at Flhair Accessories! There isn’t anything we enjoy more than having a customer guest post for us here and share their ideas and skills with our other customers. 
We love a good hair care kit! Whether it is for an overnight birthday party, girls’ weekend away, the night before your wedding day – this is a sweet gift for yourself and your girls! We saw a similar set that was $18! Times that by 10 and… well, that left us with an easy and cost effective DIY for you! We even handmade our mask with a little help from Pinterest!

Using a few simple items, including our Flhair products, you can see how we put together our fabulous kits to help add that special touch for your party.

You will need:

1 – DIY Mask from here

1 – ClearBags Box (size depending on what you are adding), we used this one.

1 – Flhair Headband

1 – Flhair Tie

1 – Pink Flhair Comb

5 – Extra Strength Bobby Pins

Handful of Confetti (optional but lets be real, confetti is a party must-have), we made this pile from scrap paper and our micro shredder!

Add your confetti into your clear bags container, give it a little shake to disperse the confetti all around.

Fold your eye mask in half and add into the box, layer the comb behind the mask.

Fold the headband to fit and the hair tie in half, place inside the box and lastly, add in the bobby pins.

Use your sticker (see free image below) to add on the outside of your clear box to look professional and cute! We used a full sticker sheet, printed and cut out the sticker and placed it on the edge of the box.

Feel free to download this image and use for personal use. The size will depend on your printer margins, you can adjust to fit the way you need it. We hope you love our DIY! Feel free to share your pictures with us @emmaflhair and use our hashtag #getflhaired. We loved collaborating with Clear Bags, you see we use a lot of their amazing products throughout our shop.

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