Popular Cookie Boxes: A Guide to Sizes & Item Numbers

Did you check out our new IGTV (Instagram T.V.) video on our most popular cookie boxes? If not, you should! It’s great and really informative if you’re in the cookie industry. If videos aren’t your thing or you’re looking for a reference guide, here it is!

We know there are a thousand different ways you can package cookies in our boxes, but we wanted to break down some of our most popular sizes and what we think works the best for them.

Paper Boxes

Our Two-Piece Folding Boxes have grown in popularity the last few years and we couldn’t be more excited. They are the perfect vessel for favors and gifts.
To start, we have two separate box cover options. These are sold separately from their paper bottom counterparts. You have your choice of a clear collapsible top or slip covers.
Slip Cover (Left) and Clear Collapsible Top (Right)
KR17 with our SC17. Fits up to a 4 X 5 3/4 inch cookie
“The Instagram Cookie Box” KR99SC99 and 14MG. Fits up to a 3 3/4 inch cookie
KR31SC31 and 14MS. Fits (2) 2 1/2 inch cookies
WH15, SC15 and 16SW. Fits (4) 2 inch cookies or (2) 3 inch cookies
WH16, SC16 and 14MG. Fits (2) 3 inch cookies
WGWG245. Fits up to a 3 3/4 inch cookie
Having a hard time figuring out how to assemble our Two-Piece Folding Boxes? Check these out!>>> PDF Folding Instructions

>>> Video Tutorial

Clear Boxes

Our Clear Boxes are really tried and true for cookiers out there. Here is a smattering of a few of our, and your, favorite options when it comes to decorated cookies.

VB306. Top loading and fits up to a 4 3/4 inch cookie
VB301. Top loading and fits up to a 3 3/4 inch cookie
FB99. Fits up to a 3 3/4 inch cookie
FB47. Fits up to a 4 3/4 inch cookie
FPB156. Fits up to (2) 4 inch cookies or (3) 2 1/8 inch cookies
FPB157 Fits up to (2) 4 inch cookies or (3) 2 1/8 inch cookies. Same as FPB156, just slightly deeper!
FPB20. Fits (3) 3 inch cookies. Longest box offered for average sized cookies!
FPB61. Fits (2) 2 3/4 inch cookies
PLB198 and 16MG. Holds up to (9) 2 inch cookies slightly stacked or (6) 2 inch cookies laid flat. Cookies from Borderlands Bakery!

Phew! That was a lot. We hope this was helpful!

Interested in other sizes? Cookie bags? We have a whole page dedicated to cookies! Just put ‘cookie packaging’ in the search bar on our website.

If you still wonder if any of these products will work for you, we would strongly recommend ordering a sample to test out. Did you know we offer free samples within the USA? Yep! Just go to our Contact Us page on our website, scroll down to Request a Sample and fill out the form.

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