Eco-Friendly Packaging to Help Your Business Go Green

If you’re looking for eco sustainable packaging for your business, you’re in the right place! We have compostable bags for general packaging, including products for the food, coffee, cannabis, and stationery industries, to support your eco-friendly choice.

Choose from compostable plastic flat bags, eco friendly resealable bags, kraft options, and much more. Our eco products offer the following benefits:

  • Use of recycled or sustainable materials
  • Made from plant-based corn, sugar, or wood pulp
  • High barrier zipper options in clear and kraft
  • Ideal for food packaging

We are always on the lookout for innovative green packaging. Our new eco stand up pouches are not only compostable but they offer a high barrier to keep food products fresh!

See our line of eco stand up pouches and more green options in our catalog and website. Just look for the green symbol.

Common Questions about Eco Products

Before we dive in, we’ll answer a few common questions people have about sustainable eco products.

What makes a product eco-friendly?

Products are eco-friendly when they do not harm the environment in production, use or disposal. Eco products preserve the environment by using renewable sources and reducing pollution.

What eco materials are used in your products?

The eco clear bags are made from the polylactic acid (PLA) of plants, derived from corn starch or sugar. The cello side gussets are made with cellulose, created from wood pulp. These renewable materials are certified compostable and meet requirements in Europe and in the U.S. DIN Certco under ASTM 6400 and EN 13432.

Our kraft paper products are made from wood pulp and softwood fibers. Our clear and kraft eco stand up pouches are made from PLA material and have an inner ALOX coating, that is compostable and has high barrier properties.

Our Crystal Clear BOPP bags use 10% recycled materials while many of our stationery products are produced from 100% recycled content.

What is PLA?

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a bioplastic material made from renewable resources such as corn and sugar. It is a sustainable product and is compostable in industrial composting facilities. It is a great material to use in packaging as it is food safe and relatively inexpensive.

Reportedly, PLA can be made using fewer materials and produces fewer greenhouse gases. This plant-based material is not suitable for ordinary recycling and does not decompose in a backyard compost pile.

What is ALOX?

ALOX (Aluminium Oxide) coating is a clear barrier coating and when applied to flexible plastic film can achieve high oxygen and moisture barrier properties. ALOX is compostable and when used with a PLA film will create a high barrier. It is made from compostable materials.

How do your products benefit the environment?

Our products use renewable materials that help reduce pollution and the contamination of soil, air, and water.

PLA material is derived from plants and helps the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and reducing greenhouse gases.

 We use recycled materials in our plastic polypropylene bags and recyclable materials in many of our stationery and kraft products. Recyclable plastics create packaging that minimizes the use of materials.

Are eco products more expensive?

While more expensive than conventional packaging, costs are expected to decline as more businesses choose eco sustainable products and bioplastics. If a sustainable environment is important to you and your brand, the added costs may well be worth it. You can always purchase our eco products in bulk to save money.

What are some of the challenges of packaging with eco products?

Generally, green packaging requires proper disposing and/or recycling to be most effective. If you have customers who share your commitment, eco products can align perfectly with your brand.

Bags and stand up pouches made from plant-based material, like PLA and cellulose, are not suitable for ordinary recycling. These materials should be taken to a commercial composting facility to fully decompose.

Plant-based material can perform differently than traditional poly bags and should be tested before use. Eco bags can vary in thickness and side seam strength.

Bags made from plants and other renewable sources can be affected by higher temperatures and may soften or lose their shape when exposed to high heat. The texture of eco bags may be crisper or stiffer, but they are still considered well suited for packaging.

Can you do custom printing on eco products?

Yes, we can! We provide custom printing for bioplastic and sustainable materials including PLA, cellulose, and paper. Need a specific size, shape or style? No problem. We also do custom orders.

Now, on to our eco-friendly products.

Eco Stand Up Pouches

Eco Stand Up Pouches are brand new to our eco product line. These pouches are made from the polylactic acid (PLA) of plants and include a laminated protective ALOX compostable coating to provide a true barrier package.

You heard that right. Our eco stand up pouches are made from compostable materials and they have a high barrier! Perfect for food products, use these eco pouches to package coffee, powdered mixes, cookies, granola bars, pasta, cereal, and other dry goods.

Eco options include:

  • Clear PLA Stand Up Zipper Pouch
  • Solid Kraft – with or without Zippers
  • Solid White Kraft w/ Zipper
  • Kraft w/ Oval Window
  • White Kraft w/ Oval Window

Clear Stand Up Zipper Pouches are 3.2 mil thick and include tear notches, a round hang hole, and resealable zippers. The clear eco pouches are heat sealable and offer a great presentation for treats and snacks.

Kraft and White Kraft Pouches are 5 mil thick and have tear notches and round hang holes. Eco kraft pouches come with solid panels or with clear oval windows that let your product show through. All options come in natural kraft or white kraft. The solid kraft pouches are available with or without zippers.

Eco Clear Bags

Our eco clear bags offer a green alternative to conventional plastic bags. We carry the following types of bags:

Made from plant-based material, these 1.6 mil bags are food safe and compostable.

The eco friendly resealable bags come with an adhesive strip to securely seal your items. This adhesive strip is recyclable but needs to be removed for the bag material to be compostable.

Popular for food, art, photos, stationery, and just about anything else, the clear material lets your product be the focus. Protective Closure Bags and No Flap Bags are a favorite for stationery packaging while Hanging Bags are ideal for retail. All bags are heat sealable.

Compostable Eco Clear Flat Bottom and Side Gussets

Traditional gusset bags provide extra volume and are popular for decorative food and bulk candy. Our Eco Gusset Bags are no exception. 

As they are all uniquely designed, one bag may work better over another for your product needs.

The Eco Flat Bottom Gusset Bag is a lunch sack style bag. It offers an even surface to place your cupcakes, cake pops or a stack of cookies. For extra-sensory excitement, this Flat Bottom Gusset has a crinkly texture that crackles when handled. This eco gusset bag is made from plant-based PLA material from corn.

Both the Premium Eco Clear Side Gusset and the Cello Side Gussets have a sealed bottom but vary in thickness. The premium bag is made from polylactic acid (PLA), thicker, and gets high marks for clarity. This PLA bag has a smooth and polished look for candy and treats.

The Cello Bag is made of cellulose film from wood pulp and is a softer, thinner material with a glossy texture. These bags are grease-resistant, so they work well for cookies, cake pops, and other treats.

Dress up these eco gussets with ribbons and bows to finish off your presentation. 

Eco Flat Heat Seal Bags in Kraft and Clear

Flat Heat Seal Bags are the perfect match for cookies, granola bars, ground coffee, loose tea leaves, powdered mixes, and flat paper items. Our Eco Flat Heat Seal Bags include the following:

The Premium Eco Clear Flat Seal Bag is made from corn and is a favorite for eco friendly cookie packaging. As compared to a non-eco bag, the texture is crisper yet every bit as clear. The bottom is crimped and there’s a back center weld for added strength.

The Kraft Compostable Heat Seal Bags come in solid Kraft or with a rectangular product window. This bag has a natural look with its earth-tone color and is 4.8 mil thick. The lining is made of plant-based PLA, making this pouch 100% compostable. There’s also a round hang hole at the top for a retail display.

Both eco options are certified compostable, food safe, and heat sealable.

That about does it for our eco products for now. Find more details our about our eco products on our website or catalog. Our customer service reps are also standing by to help with any questions. Remember to keep checking back on our website as we are always adding more eco products!

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