A Guide to Macaron Packaging

If you caught our IGTV video going over our Macaron Packaging and wanted a resource for direct links and photos, you’re in the right place! 
All of our maracon sets come with these trays, FPBI261, to keep your cookies fresh, and are perforated for easy separation.  
Do you like favors that are useful? That you can eat? That you can color coordinate? Of course you do! Our PLB104 is the perfect option that perfectly fits two macarons, making it the chicest choice that everyone will love.
The first of five options we have is our MBS1. Perfectly holds five cookies and each of our box sets come with clear round stickers to secure the inside trays.
Our MBS2 holds 10 cookies.
Our MBS3 holds 15 cookies.
Our MBS4 holds 20 cookies.
Our MBS5 holds 25 cookies.
Our MBG1 also perfectly holds 5 cookies inside of a flat bottom paper gusset bag. Each set also includes clear stickers to secure the included tray.
MBG2 holds 10 cookies.
MBG3 holds 15 cookies and MBG4 holds 20 cookies. They come in the same outer bag. 20 cookies is the largest amount that will fit in this bag style.
Our last style is our Zip Handle Bag set which features the same outer bag. MBG5 holds 10, MBG6 holds 15, and MBG7 holds 20. 
Let’s talk closure options!
Boxes close up on their own! You can also add elastic stretch loops to the larger quantities for a more professional look.
For our paper bottom gusset bags, we have a myriad of options. They can be sealed with stickers, pre-tied bows, twist ties, adhesive tin ties, and even with a heat sealer to make them tamper resistant. 
How easy was that?! Look for a companion post with some amazing customer examples to inspire you to get into your kitchen and whip up some of your own. If you do decide to make some treats, make sure to tag us on Instagram!