A Guide To Harvest Rice Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouches

If you caught our IGTV video going over our harvest rice paper stand up pouches and wanted a resource for direct links and photos, then you’re in the right place. If you missed the video, you can peek it here.
We’re excited to show off our super cute harvest rice paper stand up zipper pouches, and just in time for Thanksgiving too! Made with rice paper and available in warm autumn colors like orange, purple, cranberry, and harvest green, these stand up pouches really embrace the comfort of warm holiday feelings.
Harvest rice paper stand up zipper pouches are great for food and made with FDA approved materials, perfect for packaging candies and treats! They also feature hanger holes (not just for hanging*), tear notches with heat sealing, and a resealable zipper. Last but not least… 
They stand. Like really, actually, totally stand up on their own. It’s pretty incredible.

Our cranberry bags are the most vibrant of our harvest pouch colors, perfect for packaging candies and dried fruits. [ZBGR2HR]

The purple rice paper stand up pouch is the darkest toned pouch out of this selection, fitting for an earthy and calm aesthetic. [ZBGR2HP]

The orange stand up pouch might as well be renamed “the best Thanksgiving package ClearBags makes”. With the warm tone of a faded orange rice paper backing, it reminds me of being home for the holidays. [ZBGR2HO]

Finally, we have our harvest green bag, which we’re showing off with a cute design that I personally LOVE adding to my gifts with hang hole packaging. Try tying a bow or any decorative flair to the hang hole for an extra splash of cute. [ZBGR2HGR]

Check out our bows and other package accessories here for more details.*