How To Package Loose Leaf Tea

How To Package Loose Leaf Tea

The market for tea drinkers is changing and gaining more popularity as new generations divert away from coffee, soda, and other flavored drinks in favor of an iced or hot tea. According to the Tea Association of the USA, “more than one half of the American population drinks tea on any given day“. With the increasing popularity of tea as the drink of choice, retailers are looking for professional packaging solutions that fit the product and all of its needs. It is vital that these solutions keep the tea fresh and the taste uncompromised.

Choosing The Right Bag

Tea connoisseurs know that keeping their product fresh is key to making the perfect cup. Tea leaves must be packaged in a way that allows no aromas to escape while also avoiding any elements that might affect flavor. In order to do this correctly, more than just a food safe bag is required, although this is a good place to start.

Among the food safe bags available, there are many stylistic and practical options to choose from. 

Stand Up Zipper Pouches

One of the most popular options are Stand Up Zipper Pouches. They are loaded with retailer-friendly features that offer many methods of promoting a product. Some of the common features among Stand Up Zipper Pouches are heat sealability, pre-punched hang holes, airtight zipper closure, and a strong barrier. Here are a couple favorites for packaging loose leaf tea:

Rice Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouches are great for packaging organic products. With a lamination-reinforced structure, these bags are tough enough to keep products protected from outside elements such as water vapor or skin oils. They come in 7 different colors and feature front-facing windows to get a clear look at the product.

Kraft Stand Up Zipper Pouches are also a great option. Made with kraft paper on the outside and lined with plastic or metallic barriers on the inside, kraft stand up pouches are a crowd favorite for loose food packaging such as seeds, grains, nuts, trail mix, and of course, tea leaves. The kraft paper material on the outside also works well for custom branding or labels.

Eco Gusset Packaging

Quickly growing in popularity and demand, eco-friendly bags serve a higher purpose outside of just packaging. Using eco-friendly bags makes a statement about a company’s impact on environmental awareness. This is especially important for food goods, as retailers often use disposable packaging. Stand out from the rest and stand up for embracing eco-friendly packaging options.

Eco bags are a great option for packaging loose leaf tea in a traditional-looking clear plastic bag. The gusset style also allows for the bag to be stored flat and expand to fit large quantities. Besides having a shorter shelf-life than regular plastic, these eco bags are very similar in style and texture to standard plastic bags.

Eco Clear Compostable Flat Bottom Gussets are made in the same style as a standard paper lunch sack, with a wide bottom that expands to the dimensions of the bag. Depending on the size chosen, this bag can be used to package large amounts or single-use personal packs of loose leaf tea. These eco-friendly bags are made with PLA, a material made from plants.

Eco Clear Compostable Side Gussets are similar to the flat bottom gussets above, but instead, have a sealed bottom and expandable sides. Pair these bags with a bow or ribbon to tie off at the top for an exceptional presentation for personal gifts or party favors.

Tin Tie Bags

Tin Tie Bags feature everything needed to package and market loose leaf tea. As its name suggests, these bags come with a tin wire built into the top of the package for easy self-sealing. These bags also come with a grease-resistant poly inner lining that keeps the paper outside from being compromised by the tea leaves, keeping its integrity throughout the packaging and retail process. Optional front-facing windows also make them great for showing off products better than any picture can.

For A More Upscale Look…

When going for a more upscale look in loose leaf tea packaging, it’s worth considering adding a box in the mix. Packaging loose leaf tea in bags and housing those inside boxes is a surefire way to give consumers an elevated representation of the packaged product quality. This shows a great level of care is taken for every detail. After all, if the brand’s name is on a package, then it should be a beautiful package. 


Try Using Boxes

When looking to project a specific brand image, it’s important to use the right box to match that message. Each style of box comes with its own advantages and stylistic qualities, unique in the way products are displayed.

Nested Clear Boxes are perfect for packaging items together, grouping specific teas that work well together, or making a gift set. Nested clear boxes give customers full clarity on what to expect from the product. Showing off the details with confidence, a clear box lets consumers know that there is nothing to hide.

With a long outer box surrounding the individual inner boxes, food safe nested clear boxes are specifically designed to promote products that are meant to be presented together and packaged separately.

Paper Boxes take advantage of the “homestyle” traditional look, giving off a more wholesome and small business-like feel to a company’s branding. They are food safe, offering another good option for packaging loose leaf tea bags. Also, kraft boxes are an effective way to convey an upscale look. With plenty of optional features, such as front-facing windows, paper boxes are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors to satisfy a large variety of aesthetic choices.

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