Independence Day DIY Party Favors

It is almost that time of year again! Independence Day is right around the corner!

 Whether you are celebrating with family and friends, watching fireworks or attending a local parade, party favors are a must!

We wanted to show off our top 5 favorite DIY party favors for this year’s festivities.

1. The “Parade” Favor

This super fun favor is perfect to hand out to kids before your local parade starts. Grab a cute holiday cup and fill it up with items like 4th of July sunglasses, pinwheels, candy and more. Place the cup filled with goodies into a clear gusset bag, like our GB25 to help keep all of the contents inside. For the finishing touch, secure the bag with a festive ribbon, piece of twine, pre-tied bow or a twist tie.

2. The “Firecracker” Favor

Kids love these “Firecracker” favors! Take a long, narrow bag, like our B1X8 and fill it with your favorite red, white and blue candy like jelly beans, M&Ms, Red Hots or Skittles. Once the bag is sealed shut, use some patriotic washi tape to wrap the top of the bag and add small pieces of garland at the top to give it that “firecracker” look.

3. The “Block Party” Favor

Do you host a block party or backyard BBQ? This creative Bunco Kit is great to share while spending time with friends and family. To create this favor, you need the following items: (1) Mini Pencil, (1) Bunco Score Sheet (these can be printed out for free online), (1) Mini Cupcake Holder, (3) Dice and a handful of candy. Place the items into a clear box or gusset bag. We used our small Takeout Box to give it that added “favor” feel.

4. The “Table Top” Favor

Are you looking for a simple way to create a centerpiece? Red, white and blue gumballs in clear plastic boxes are a great idea! Fill several boxes with gumballs (which won’t melt outside like chocolate) and place them into a vase, metal bucket or basket. Your table will look extra festive and your guests have a yummy treat to enjoyat the party or take home with them. We used our PLB237 to hold 8 gumballs and FPB135 to hold 3 gumballs.

5. The “Popcorn” Favor

Who doesn’t love popcorn? While visiting a local fair, farmer’s market or watching a parade, you will most likely smell fresh popcorn or kettle corn in the air. These treats are staples during summer holidays! For an easy favor idea, pop some popcorn/kettle corn or purchase your favorite kind and place it into a clear bag or cone bag. Close the bag with a red, white or blue ribbon, pre-tied bow, twist tie or piece of twine. Your family and friends are sure to love it!

Whatever your plans are this Fourth of July, we hope you have a safe and fun day! Always remember today is a day that we celebrate our freedom and honor the courageous men and women that are dedicated to preserving it!