Rifle Paper Co. and ClearBags: A Journey from Stock to Custom

At ClearBags we understand commitment, high standards, and the need for flexibility with a growing brand. Today we would like to focus on a special relationship with one of our customers, Rifle Paper Co., which is co-owned by Nathan and Anna Bond. In the span of just six years, Rifle Paper Co. has enjoyed a trajectory of steady growth. In 2009, Anna and her husband launched Rifle Paper Co. from their apartment garage with a line of “couple scene” wedding invitations. Since then, her whimsical, nostalgic designs have become a lifestyle brand and have set a new bar for surface design.

Like any blank canvas, paper is merely a surface. Anna’s lush, romantic designs have blossomed onto many surfaces including journal notebooks, appointment planners, calendars, wallpaper, fabrics, iPhone cases, pencils, and more. The company’s product lines are featured in more than 4,000 stores, encompassing 50-60 new products a year, and includes big name partners like Anthropologie, Garance Doré, Hygge & West, and Puffin Books. Her creations are inspired by fashion, travel, nature, textiles, patterns, architecture, old film, and interior design. Whether her designs appeal to the aesthetic eye or serve a functional purpose, it’s likely Rifle Paper Co. makes a lasting impression.

We had our first impression of Rifle Paper Co. at the National Stationery Show in New York in 2010, where we both exhibited at. We like to think this meeting was written in the stars. Since then, our stars have aligned to form a creative relationship in which we have expanded alongside the growth of their product line, a testament to what we value as an important strength of our company philosophy. We want to work with you to find the most perfect packaging solution to fit your product, whatever it may be.

Like with many of our customers who are first starting out, Rifle Paper Co. used our stock products to try out their concepts. In 2011, Rifle Paper Co. placed their first order with ClearBags to include 7 flap seal bags, all of which they still use today. In one short year, they ordered 11 additional bags for their expanding product line. The first clear box was added to this list in 2012, offering a boost in the quality of presentation, and an important component to Rifle Paper Co.’s packaging strategy.

As Rifle Paper Co. launched new products at stationery trade shows, our paths continued to converge. With their products developing from stationery to calendars, planners and notebooks, their orders evolved from stock products to custom design. By 2014, four of their five custom bags were moved from custom to stock, due to the high quantities and order frequencies over time. Besides convenience, this affords faster turnaround time for their orders to help keep up with their product line growth.

Our latest custom collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. is their much anticipated 2017 Constellations Calendar. They were looking for the perfect bag to show off the gold-foiled illustrations that are found throughout the calendar.

We here at ClearBags, look forward to working with you to provide exquisite packaging that puts your creations on display for the world to see.

If you can dream it, we can package it!