Food for the Trail: 3 Single Serve Trail Mix Ideas

Trail mix is a nutritious and quick energy boost. It was first recommended by outdoorsman Horace Kephart as early as 1910 in his camping guide. Since then, the combination of granola, dried fruits, nuts and sometimes chocolate make it a popular choice for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Lightweight and easy to store, trail mix is a healthy snack for anyone. So, whether you’re hiking the trail, at the office, or need a healthy snack for your hungry campers, trail mix is a delicious, convenient choice.

Check out these 3 quick and easy ways to package trail mix.

Perfect for Travel and Reuse

On the trail or taking a trip? This clear zipper pouch gusset bag works great for holding trail mix when you are on the go. The resealable pouch is simple to open and close for a quick nibble. Apply a hole punch and tie it together with brown twine. Add a custom label to finish off your presentation.

Save this pouch and reuse it for the next time you hit the trail. You may want to skip the label so you can reuse this packaging for other items.

To create this look:

  • Zipper Pouch Bag- we used our ZBG2
  • A piece of twine, ribbon or bow 
  • Homemade gift tag (see Printables below)

Party Favor Ready

Fill this flat bottom gusset bag with your homemade or store-bought trail mix. Either way, your hungry campers won’t leave the party empty-handed. Try a Kraft paper twist tie for a special touch.

To create this look:

  • Flat Bottom Gusset Bag- we used our FG4
  • Twist tie, ribbon, or twine- we used a Kraft twist tie
  • Homemade gift tag (see Printables below)

Single Serve Snacking

Snack on some trail mix before your workout, single serve style. This bag works well when you want a heat sealing closure and is perfect for the single serving snack size. Show off your package with an attractive label.

To create this look:

  • Flat Heat Seal Bag- we used our SFB38
  • Hand Sealer
  • Double Stick tape
  • Homemade gift tag (see Printables below)

Download the printable: